Dominican Republic. Day 10: Pool & Play

1 2 5f6186a740e6f1c2d3745375fc51d63dMy Tia (Aunt) Olga cleaned out and filled up the pool that’s in the front yard. I was soooo excited, because I’m like the biggest kid there is, especially when it comes to actually playing with kids. All of my cousins kids where ready in the bathing suit, I decided to just throw on a tank top and shorts.

We were ready for war!

We were splashing every where and this little guy ↓ FINALLY let me take a picture with him!

He’s the cutest thing ever, I swear he’s like a grown man in a tiny body.
3 IMG-20140121-WA0020 IMG-20140121-WA0032My guy cousins took the television outside to watch the Licey game, of course there were drinks. I stayed sober with some hot chocolate and picked on some cheese.

After the game the music was blasting and we (girl cousins) Yenny and Coral took out my Uncle Momon’s instruments and started jamming.


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