Dominican Republic. Day11: Rain Dance & Dumplings

DSC0889046dfdffc5e53de36a4c80baba3c0eaa7DSC08895 DSC08896Today was fun. I spent the day roaming arounsd stores with my cousin Yenny, and once nightime rolled around. It got better. Lately I’ve been watching Glee, and I now got her and her son Victor addicted. We were hanging out in bed watching tv when we heard all the rain come out of nowhere and I insisted we go outside to run around in it. My baby cousin Ashley joined in, and was the only one to get her hair wet.

Hey, I finally just did mine.. I want to keep it that way for a little while longer. I threw on a shower cap and we got to playing outside, It was amazing and coooooold!DSC08899DSC08909DSC08903After our shower… hahaha we got ready to go to family’s house. We were headed to my Uncle Netty’s house, where my cousin Enetico was gonna be cooking for everyone, while they all watched the Licey game.

They’re addicted I tell you!DSC08927Enetico hard at work.DSC08916My family are BIG drinkers.  So most of the time theyre offering me drinks and I’m refusing left and right. They’re more beer and liquor. Sometimes I don’t mind it. Hey, I used to drink aaaaaaalot when I was about 19 through my 20 somethings. (which I still am in my 2o somethings) But I’ve learned to moderate, especially because of a black out session I once had.

So this time, I brung my bottle of wine with me, and chugged it all by myself. I would rather have a ton of wine than liquor anyday. Not only does it taste betterm I get happy and loopy without the harsh side effects in the morning.5My Uncle Netty and one of his many animals. He has a bunch running around that follow him6 8”L” for Licey!

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1Enetico made us Dumplings with Salchichon. It was sooo good, and soooo hot, look at all that steam!2 DSC089301b9ebb02fce921f4baf00d97bdb078dc9