Dominican Republic. Day12: Hector’s Birthday Brunch

1 246dfdffc5e53de36a4c80baba3c0eaa7One of Yenny’s friend’s Hector ( which you prpbably remember from my Fish and Wine Post) was celebrating his birthday. Ready to start the festivities today my posts wil be broken down into two. Day time and night time. This one would be short, I promise.

We walked into a small japanese/dominican styled restaurant named YAO.

I didn’t know what to order so I ended up ordering whatever I thought had the most meat in it. I’m a crazy carnivore. All of Yenny’s coworker friends ordered a Sangria for the table. It was the brightest green I’ve ever seen any sangria be, let alone any drink.

It was good though, not something that I would usually order, but good non the less. I loved the pineapple on top. 3I had already met Claudia and her husband Hector, so I was already in comfort when meeting Ricardo and JuanDa ( I think his name is hilarious bc they call him that for short, when his name is Juan Daniel) Everyone is super awesome and hilarious.

Sometimes I get stuck on my spanish, and catch myself really quick.

Check out my plate below… yum!4 5DSC09000The birthday boy ↓6

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Brunch was delicious…. it’s time to waste some time and get ready for tonight´s festivities.

We’re going dancing!

I love to dance sooooo much. Yet, I never really go anywhere. I’m not a night club person like I used to be, but I miss the dancing so much. Especially since I only really like dancing to Spanish music and don’t have a group of friends who are into it like I am. I think when I get back to NYC I’m gonna have to start making some dominican friends!7