Fifty & Fabulous

My mother has just turned the big FIVE -OH!

On a day like a Tuesday, most of us were rushing out of work, trying to get to the parents on time. My father wanted to surprise her with a nice family dinner. When we all got to the house, my mother was getting ready in a rush and in confusion. She kept asking where we were going, and I kept picking on her, saying we were going to McDonald’s, so we can throw her in the ball pit. Do they even have those anymore?

We showed up to Olive Garden, since she’s been craving it for the past week, and never goes out. Our server didn’t have to persuade us much in to getting three bottles of red wine. By the time we got our entrees, everyone was stuffed with their unlimited salads and bread sticks. I think that’s what everybody does there.

Happy Birthday Mami!love, m

Madrid |Nothing Like a Mother’s Cooking

Oh, what happened?

Did you really think my trip way over?

It’s time for part 2, The two hair plane ride to Madrid, Spain was pretty painless, which I’m grateful for. Finding our airbnb this time was a little more than a hassle then it was in Paris. Our host gave us directions, but for some reason all the calles (streets) seemed to confuse me.  We hiked up the up-hills with our luggage, loud as ever due to the cobble stones. I actually ended up walking inside the wrong building and ringing a complete stranger’s doorbell.

I was at least grateful that unless France, I knew the language and I could pass by. My spanish isn’t perfect, and let’s face it, Dominican spanish is all pretty much slang. I appreciate how Spaniards are so polite and well spoken. Let’s see if some of that rubs off on me.
Ramon’s mother had a special treat for us, but before we get in to dinner, as soon she opened the door she ran straight into his arms. You can tell how much she’s missed him, and how much he’s missed her.

The first thing I noticed was how much they resembled each other, second thing, she was was so damn cute with all of her giddiness and excitement. We all sat down for dinner and opened up a few bottles of vino rojo, red wine.

Our first course was served, it was a seafood lasagna, and I’ll admit, at first it didn’t look so appeasing, but the taste, good. I was ready for the second course, and since Nikki isn’t a fan of seafood, she was too. It was tuna stuffed into red peppers, so good, but nothing, I mean nothing, beat her main dish, paella with mussels. Delicious.

Dessert was nothing short of amazing as well, it was a champagne sorbet.

Thank you for such a welcoming dinner!