Family: Four Fathers



Back to back barbecues, you gotta love a man on a grill. This time, four of my favorite men were to be celebrated while we chowed down on some burgers. My father Fon had all his kids here, (there’s five of us) and almost every one of us is making him a grandpa. This is Chris’s, and Mauricio’s second father’s day, and my brother Luis is ready to bring in another blessing into the family.
This time, we also stuffed our faces with steaks and ribs, and you better believe I snuck some pieces into a tupperware for tomorrow’s work lunch.
I took a little walk with Luis and his girlfriend Jen to take some pictures of the lovebirds and the belly. I’ll be sharing some of those soon, so stay tuned! (And if you’re already following me on instagram, you’ve already seen a few.)
For all of the father’s that raise us, we love you,

Family: Fractured & Hungry



A couple of weeks ago now, my brother was hit by car. By the grace of God, he’s with us alive and well, just limping a little bit. Since he’s been on bed rest for a little while, and probably bored out of his mind–One of his close friends, Alex wanted to throw him a little barbecue to get him out of the house… even if it may it be only a few feet away.
It was a nice night, and such a nice gesture. I woke up early to  clean the back yard a bit, and a few moments later, Alex and I were in Costco stocking up on supplies (and yes I made him push me in the cart all over the store)
Here’s to happy healing, and being grateful for blessings,

Photo Journal: Governor’s Ball 2018






My brother is now an adult… which only makes me realize how old I’m getting! (Can I crawl into a hole now?)
The big 18… I remember all the dumb shit I used to do as a teenager, but those are stories for another blog post. I’m a big fan of  gifting experiences, not always something materialistic, so it was only right for me to get him tickets to Governor’s Ball. Governor’s Ball is held in Randalls Island, and the line up was looking really good with N.E.RD., Khalid and Eminem. And wherever Slim Shady is, Kat is sure to be there (and the panties she insisted were going to land on stage)
As always the park was packed, and it seemed the crowd was younger every time we turned around. Kat and I vowed to invest in VIP tickets next time we do this.. where the grown ups watched comfortably. (Especially because I don’t think my temper likes being pushed in the crowds) Khalid happened to be one of my favorite performers of the night, and without a doubt, Eminem did not disappoint, especially when he brought our 50 cent on stage with him. Even though it started to rain (and so happy we bought an Eminem rain jacket from the merch shop) singin out loud in the rain made it a memory we could never forget.
Check out a few of my favorite shots from the night, before my camera decided to die and leave me with crappy cell phone pics. (You can also see more of my concert photography HERE)
Ps. Love that we noticed Jason Genao in the crowd, asked if he could take a picture with my little brother, who totally made his day. My brother spread the pic to his group chat where they were all jealous that he got to meet “Ruby” from Netflix’s “On my Block”

Family: Amaury’s 1st Birthday

Now that I’m practically the only sibling (not counting my 18 year old brother) without a kid, it’s pretty standard for the kid parties to take over my life. So many kids, so little time, and it seems that they grow so quickly. Still feels like he was just popped out.
The youngest of the bunch is turning 1. My nephew Amaury, my little grumpy old man (because he always grunts at you with an attitude) was being celebrated.
Originally we were supposed to spend the weekend in the Poconos at a water park, but since he wasn’t feeling so well, it was a safer bet to keep it at home—and stay away from other germ infected children.
For it being a last minute gathering, my sister Jula and her boo Mauricio did a great job of throwing everything together. The theme was Paw Patrol, and they all had the adorable t-shirts to match.
Check out some pics from our night and a Happy Birthday to my little old man!

Photography: Mommy & Amaury

Capture all the memories. Yes, I’m the aunt running around with a camera, trying to make sure I catch it all. These kids are growing so fast, and it’s my job to make sure we never forget the little fingers, the innocent smiles, and the adorable little dimples. Since Amaury will be turning one soon, My sister Jula wanted me to photograph her mini me.
I’ve been dipping my toe in studio photography, and it’s a different world from natural lighting (out door photography). I have to learn how to manipulate and create light where it didn’t exist before. Not to mention, doing that while I have a squirming baby who wasn’t really in the mood to stay still. I told Jula to hop in the picture to make Ama feel a little more comfortable, and will you look at that, it actually worked!
I still have a lot to learn, and I’ll get there in due time, but for now, I’m pretty happy that my sister loved all the pictures, and I get to call that a win!
PS. Amaury’s all white outfit was provided by my trip to Cuba last year, and he has finally grown into it, pero que caballero! 
Muchos besos,






Family: Elias Has a Baptism


My cousin Sasha’s second baby boy, Elias was being presented to the church. Mami and I kidnapped my niece Harlie and headed to Brooklyn. This is the second time I’ve been to this church, and it felt like the first time. It’s absolutely stunning. I brung my trusty sidekick with me (my camera) and put her to good use.
Every single time I saw Elias, I swear I was staring at his older brother Jonahs. They have the same little face, and I can’t get over it! The cuteness!

Family: Mami Get’s Confirmed


Sundays are for family. If you’ve been around this blog for a little while, you definitely have heard that saying before. It’s been a little tricky lately since we all have so much stuff going on. Last weekend I was in Miami for a day (You’ll read about that soon enough) and my schedule, and everyone else’s get’s a little hectic. This Sunday my mother was getting confirmed at our church. She’s been taking all her classes, and today was the big day.
Yo, this mass was 3 hours…. that is waaaaay too long!
I can do my hour mass and go about my day, but three hours!? It didn’t help that one of the pastors spoke low into his microphone, so I was dozing in an out of that sermon. The rest was absolutely beautiful. We were restricted on taking pictures and I was internally twitching. Here I am with my bog old camera and huge telephoto lens attached and I can’t even capture the moment the way I want to. I get it though, respect the house of the lord— (doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it)
After mass, we all went out to eat. My gorgeous little niece and nephew, Amaury & Harlie were little monsters, eating everything in sight. They’re getting so big so fast, I can’t stand it!
The adult’s food order took forever, so I did my part in stuffing my face with salad and breadsticks. My entree is currently getting devoured on my lunch break while I type up this post. Hey, make it work.

Photo Journal: Training Jolie

We all have friends who we barely see anymore. Life happens, we all get busy, we all have things that need to get done.
On this weekend, I wanted to surprise and make some time for friends who have always been so dear to me. Their house is usually loud and filled with laughter. I used to love spending summer’s in Connecticut and forgetting all my troubles of NYC life, even if it was just for a  little bit.
This morning stroll, Jolie, who’s the spitting image of her father wanted to take her bike out for spin. She’s gotten so big and beautiful, it only reminded me of when I held her as a baby. But she’s a big girl now, and she was telling me how she was ready to ride with training wheels. I believe her, but I don’t think anyone is ready for that yet.
Can you stay small just a little bit longer?
Maybe the wheels will be gone next time I come to visit.

Photo Journal: The Grimey Ones Art Show

Graffiti will always have a place in my heart. When I was younger and in grade school I will draw the names of my peers on notebook paper and sell it to them for $1. In highschool, I learned what a black book was. Every lunch period all the guys will take out their books, the lunch tables will be covered in markers, and everyone will trade books, drawing and hitting them up. After high school I found my scene with a small graff crew, and it was spray painting season from there on out.
Though I don’t dabble anymore, since I  have grown to exercise the freedom of finding different canvases—like I mentioned before, graffiti lives in  my soul. When I saw the invitation for one of my friend’s work that will be displayed, I didn’t even ask questions. I knew I had to go, and just ‘pop up’ and that I did. I haven’t seen them in a couple of years, so I decided to stay quiet, jump on the Metro North and find my way to Connecticut.
The show was great and I had the pleasure of not only reconnecting with old friends, but making new ones as well.
Thanks again for having me!