Travel: Bermuda 2018: Tie Dye Blues

We’ve been counting the days. I recently peer pressured Kat into taking a trip with me,and guess what.. it worked! She hasn’t had a vacation in God knows how long, and I was on a mission to get out of New York. Seemed like a win-win to me. I did all my homework, our itinerary was done (see how I make mine HERE) and…

Travel: How I Travel With Only A Carry On

Flashback to October 2017, my parents are getting married in the Dominican Republic. Everyone is jumping on a plane and there’s so much to bring a long with us. I’ve already packed about 4 days before our departure. My carry on is by the door, and a few days later, the night before our flight my dad is trying to pack at last minute….

Travel: How I Travel on a Budget and How to Plan An Itinerary

A friend recently called me “The Human Planner” I giggled because it’s the first time I’ve heard that about me. But when I stopped giggling I thought about it, and she’s kinda right. I plan everything. One of the many things that have to be in order is when I decide to travel, things like what to carry in my bag, an itinerary with…

Photography: Brandon Ruckdashel

Quick Photoshoot with actor Brandon Ruckdashel.  You can see more of my photography on