Madrid | Textiles and Temples

Almudena Cathedral, it wasn’t even one of the stops we were headed to. I’m so glad we walked in. I’ve seen the inside of many churches, and  yes they are all so beautiful in their own ways, but this one had patterns for days. When you look up high it seemed like there were textiles on the ceilings. Intricate details with so many colors.

There was this one room, aw man, you would just die if you saw it.

Tourists were not allowed to enter, which makes it obvious that pictures weren’t allowed to be taken. I stepped in anyway, took a seat in the back and just observed quietly. The whole room was golden  mosaics, images of saints, Jesus Christ, Saint Mary, everything was just everything… gold. I loved it.

Christopher is a huge fan of Egypt, so when we learned that there was a Temple that was donated to Madrid, when they helped aid their temples. We got to the Temple of Debod right on time, the tour guide was just starting. I actually found the spanish a bit difficult to understand, and tried my best at every pause to translate for Nikki.
After such a long day I was excited for dinner. I was starving and on our walk back I was eager to find anything that these 2 picky eaters could finally say “yes” to. Everything wasn’t good enough. I was staring to get a bit cranky, and all the wait was well worth it.  Chris spotted Fatigas Del Querer, right on Calle de la Cruz, it was just calling us in. Gambas al ajillo (shrimp in garlic sauce) was delicious, which I didn’t order, but hey, if Chris orders it.. I get a cut.