Madrid |Croissant Killer

I’ve been in the mood for a good croissant, and as soon we stop by a bakery close to our home, we splurge on some cronuts and I get the croissant. Nikki and I get distracted by some shops before we hit Puerta de Sol, the main plaza that resembles our own NYC’s Times Square. We walk into Pull and Bear and there’s a huge sale going on. I told myself I wasn’t going to go crazy buying random things, but everything was so pretty and cheap. I was debating on even having to pay for an extra check in if needed.

I ended up just getting a few necklaces, a skirt, a purse and a pretty dope wallet for only €18.00 which is basically only like $20.

I would have grabbed more if I could.

Someone was falling asleep while the girls shopped, so by the time it was time to eat, Chris devoured the croissant all by himself, how rude!

Ramon kept raving about how good the churros are in spain, so naturally we had to go find some. We walked into Los Artesanos, Churreria Chocolateria and all the waiters were dressed up all spiffy, in white suits. Our waiter was this older man who had such a grungy voice and grunted when he spoke. I kept thinking how great he would be if he was a cartoon character.

The churros were delicious and the hot chocolate was so thick it was perfect to dip into.
Today was a day for walking, a lot of it. It was raining and the last thing I wanted to do was get all cute. My curls have been shit this whole trip, which explains why I’ve had tiny buns and braids for most of it. It’s constantly raining, and since we’re always rushing in the morning, who am I to hog the mirrors.

Everything in Madrid seems to be at a walking distance and with our better luck, our apartment is right in the center of the city, at least according to my map it is. One side to the other only takes 30 minutes , so unlike Paris once we stepped out of the Metro when came from the airport, we never had to get back on it again.
Our first stop was visiting the Palace, El Palacio Real de MadridIt was grand, huge and was packed with tourists. We attempted to to make the line to visit inside, but we never made it in. Boo.