Madrid | Textiles and Temples

Almudena Cathedral, it wasn’t even one of the stops we were headed to. I’m so glad we walked in. I’ve seen the inside of many churches, and  yes they are all so beautiful in their own ways, but this one had patterns for days. When you look up high it seemed like there were textiles on the ceilings. Intricate details with so many colors.

There was this one room, aw man, you would just die if you saw it.

Tourists were not allowed to enter, which makes it obvious that pictures weren’t allowed to be taken. I stepped in anyway, took a seat in the back and just observed quietly. The whole room was golden  mosaics, images of saints, Jesus Christ, Saint Mary, everything was just everything… gold. I loved it.

Christopher is a huge fan of Egypt, so when we learned that there was a Temple that was donated to Madrid, when they helped aid their temples. We got to the Temple of Debod right on time, the tour guide was just starting. I actually found the spanish a bit difficult to understand, and tried my best at every pause to translate for Nikki.
After such a long day I was excited for dinner. I was starving and on our walk back I was eager to find anything that these 2 picky eaters could finally say “yes” to. Everything wasn’t good enough. I was staring to get a bit cranky, and all the wait was well worth it.  Chris spotted Fatigas Del Querer, right on Calle de la Cruz, it was just calling us in. Gambas al ajillo (shrimp in garlic sauce) was delicious, which I didn’t order, but hey, if Chris orders it.. I get a cut.

Church in the Metro

I’m one to understand that everyone has a right to their own opinion, their beliefs, their own mannerisms, their own customs etc. Everyone is entitled to believe in something, no matter if I, or the person next to me agrees with it or not. You have a right to your own.

I enter the subway car, making my way to work, like usual. There’s already a man preaching telling us that Jesus is our savior. About 5 minutes later a woman tunes in, and now there’s two people taking over the audio in the cart.. All we hear is the word, I could barely hear my own thoughts. The clapping, they’re so loud.

Again, I feel you have the right to believe in whatever you want, don’t get me wrong. I believe in God, but I feel my relationship with God, is my relationship with God. I don’t go running around rubbing my religion in your face. I don’t disturb the peace and quiet of others. Consideration goes a long way, and right now, as much as I may agree with what they are saying, that doesn’t mean I have to hear it on my commute.

Now I have a the lady sitting next to me, saying hallelujah and amen, chiming with the other two and she’s starting to sing. We are not in church, and we’re not in the Apollo. There’s a time and place for everything. This is going to be a long  ride.

Captured By Belle: Sylas’s Baptism

This must be baptizing season, not that I’m complaining. This is when I get some nice action, or should I say Belle, my canon gets some action. Long time friend, who I barely see, but should really make some more time for her, because she’s such a sweetheart Stephanie, hit me up because her adorable looking son was ready to rock all white for the big guy upstairs.

I have to admit, I took more than 500 pictures for this event. A bigger family usually means everyone wants a personalized touch. One thing I didn’t mind at all. Plus, since I have  met Steph’s family a long time ago (we met in 3rd grade and officially became friends in 7th grade) getting them to pose, was super easy. A task I usually have a hard time doing when it comes to large groups, since usually someone doesn’t tend to grasp the concept. Everyone was so great and attentive. The main big guy for the day Sylas, was a different story, since he was feeling a bit feverish (awwww) it was a little tough to get him smiling. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t look adorable as every with that little pout of his, I mean, look at those cheeks!

I sent Steph options in color as well as black and white, though the colored ones were super cute, I feel like black and white did just enough justice, for the day. I’ve include some of my favorites in this post, since I would never over load you guys with 500 pictures at once!

I hope you guys like!love, m

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Jonahs & Magelis’s Baptism: The Ceremony

jonahs y magelisMy cousins Sasha and Lidia are officially grown ups. I’m sure you guys have seen my nieces Jonahs and Magelis posted on my blog, and now today was their big day, one of many.. their baptism. I was asked to provide pictures, and how can I say no when it comes to my chunky babies. ( my heart melts). The ceremony was sweet and in spanish. Which I haven’t heard a spanish mass in almost forever.

My family comes in bunches, don’t ever expect any one of us to ever show up singular.

For Jonahs, my cousin Lionela‘s husband Junior and mother Ceci were given the title as his godparents.

When it came to Magelis, my cousin Sasha and her boyfriend Ramgy were the one to do the honors.

I took so many pictures, I ‘m gonna have to break this day into 3 different posts. The ceremony, the posed photographs and the celebration after. It’s a lot, I know, but totally worth it. Especially since my family parties hard.

They’re the best!

Enjoy these pics from the ceremony, I’ll be back soon!sig 2
2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx| My handsome godfather with his 2 grand kids |

| Lidia and Magelis, and then me with Magelis |2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx| my gorgeous grandmother and Magelis |
2minxinx| Familia |


confirmationMy little brother Jeremy’s confirmation.

He looked so handsome. I remember when he was just Baptized (read that post here) … it was only 2 years ago, how tall he has gotten!  I had slept over my godson Zj’s house the day before, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the commute.

When I got to the church, my family was already seated waiting for the love of my life to make his grand appearance. I was to see my sister Julissa, who I almost never get to see anymore. I missed her so much.  Zj was a little trooper and so well behaved, probably because he fell asleep in lap since he’s not really a church goer.

I was a bit upset the church didn’t allow us to take pictures during the ceremony, though it was fully understandable enough why not. Knowing me, I snuck  some shots in and got in trouble with Deacon Bellow. oooops.

I’ve known Deacon Bellow since I was 15 years old and he definitely made sure he picked on me after mass, saying he was going to take my camera away because I should know better.

Good thing I don’t!  Enjoy these pictures and congratulations little big brother!