Madrid | Textiles and Temples

Almudena Cathedral, it wasn't even one of the stops we were headed to. I'm so glad we walked in. I've seen the inside of many churches, and  yes they are all so beautiful in their own ways, but this one had patterns for days. When you look up high it seemed like there were textiles … Continue reading Madrid | Textiles and Temples

Cuban Pianos for Tatiana

Ah, I remember when I first turned 21. I was actually on good terms with my  mother, and I decided to keep it low key. It was just me, her and the best friend with a day of dancing where my mother bought me my first "official" legal drink. A cranberry and vodka. Time goes … Continue reading Cuban Pianos for Tatiana

5 Napkins for the Birthday Girl:Chevy

I suck. I suck the worst. Apparently I don't know how to read because when Tanya texted me saying that she and Jesus were throwing Chevy a surprise birthday dinner, I failed at the keyword "SURPRISE'.     Ugh, I'm such a mess... I started talking to Oli through instagram and Chevy bumped into her … Continue reading 5 Napkins for the Birthday Girl:Chevy