City Shooting: Strolling Downtown Brooklyn

Sometimes whenever life gets a little hectic, I try to find the simpler things to bring me a bit of instant happiness. may it be cooking, dancing in front of the mirror, watching a chick flick or having a glass of wine, that escape is always needed. During one my lunch breaks, I had to escape from my window-less office. I took a stroll and brought out my camera (canon rebel t3i) that I named Belle, she’s my baby. Since I usually shoot in color when it comes to my everyday life, whenever shooting still life I like to practice my black and white. And no, not changing the color to black and white after the shot has been captured. The old school black and white, right at the moment.

I bumped into  this beautiful dress in the window, a brick arched alleyway leading to a restaurant that was beautiful lit. I bumped into this house with a nice huge window in the front, but even better than that, the gloomiest tree right in front of it, I felt like it was Amityville’s Horror ‘s home. Creepy!

Tell me what you guys think!

I need to take out Belle out on a date more often.

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