PCOS, Laser Hair Removal & City Photography, What!?

Anyone who has met me, knows that I carry my camera with me everywhere. I've recently invested in Laser Hair Removal treatments. Ever since I found out I have PCOS, I've been more insecure about body hair, more usual than considered normal, especially by a woman, Not that women don't already have enough pressure to … Continue reading PCOS, Laser Hair Removal & City Photography, What!?

New Artwork| Without a Voice

Sometimes I forget to post new work, so irresponsible of me, I know. This piece titled " Without a Voice"  was something I actually did fairly quickly. She was something simple, demure and showed enough emotion without exaggeration. When I was done painting her, I noticed she looked asian, which I was pretty happy with … Continue reading New Artwork| Without a Voice

City Shooting: Strolling Downtown Brooklyn

Sometimes whenever life gets a little hectic, I try to find the simpler things to bring me a bit of instant happiness. may it be cooking, dancing in front of the mirror, watching a chick flick or having a glass of wine, that escape is always needed. During one my lunch breaks, I had to … Continue reading City Shooting: Strolling Downtown Brooklyn

Captured By Belle: Stroll Through the Americas

After one of my interviews, I had some time to kill until I headed to another. I told you guys I was getting on my job hunting head set. The first interview was eh... Don't get me wrong, The interview went great, I usually do pretty well on those things, but the actual job itself … Continue reading Captured By Belle: Stroll Through the Americas

Captured By Belle: Sylas’s Baptism

This must be baptizing season, not that I'm complaining. This is when I get some nice action, or should I say Belle, my canon gets some action. Long time friend, who I barely see, but should really make some more time for her, because she's such a sweetheart Stephanie, hit me up because her adorable … Continue reading Captured By Belle: Sylas’s Baptism