Photo Journal: Salmon

  After church with my parents. we stopped by the supermarket, did a little compra for dinner. Mami was making meatballs today, and like always, I was hungry. These flowers stood out to us while near the veggie section. My parents are re-newing their vows later on this year, and when she saw these flowers... … Continue reading Photo Journal: Salmon

Bengali Bride throws a Halloween Bash

This Halloween has been nothing short of amazing. I was a little nervous my dress wasn't going to arrive since I ordered it from ebay and took a chance. It arrived  two days before, the relief felt great. That is, until I tried it on. The bottom looked great, but I wasn't feeling the bodice … Continue reading Bengali Bride throws a Halloween Bash

City Shooting: Strolling Downtown Brooklyn

Sometimes whenever life gets a little hectic, I try to find the simpler things to bring me a bit of instant happiness. may it be cooking, dancing in front of the mirror, watching a chick flick or having a glass of wine, that escape is always needed. During one my lunch breaks, I had to … Continue reading City Shooting: Strolling Downtown Brooklyn