Captured by Belle: Tristan at 3 Months

IMG_4274.w IMG_4290.wLook how handsome my nephew Tristan is looking these days!

He’s such a little character at 3 months, and that flirty smile that he does, ugh.. I’m in love!


Welcoming Jonahs Ramon

IMG_3608chrissy joyMy cousin Sasha finally and recently just gave birth to her newborn by the name of Jonahs Ramon. He is the tiniest little thing!

I’m so happy for Sasha, I know she was starting to get stressed because little J was being stubborn and refused to enter the world already. She mentioned how she had power walked, did squats, drank special tea, even had some adult action to induce labor and no luck. Her belly was the biggest it was going to get and it looked like she kept dropping, just not popping.

I was so excited to finally meet my new baby cousin, he’s so handsome. IMG_3635IMG_3612IMG_3664

My cousin Lidia’s daughter Magelis, observing her new cousin.IMG_3651IMG_3654IMG_3646

But look at those toes!IMG_3668Magelis is such a little flirt!IMG_3613