Family: Harvest Festival

I’ve always been really good at finding fun stuff to do. Especially in the summer time. NYC is filled with so many activities, all you have to do is a little bit of homework. When the weather starts to drop it gets a little harder, but that doesn’t deter me for long. Now that I  have kiddies in my life (my niece and nephew) I get to search for family things to do— because no one wants a grown woman without kids showing up to family stuff, that’s just weird.

 Randall’s Island was hosting a Harvest Festival and I didn’t hesitate to tell my siblings about it. The kids would have the chance to play, listen to live music and just roam around (not inside a house)
I signed up Harlie right away to play with the chickens, and she didn’t seem scared, but she didn’t seem to interested to be touching them either. Amaury was a different story, he just looked so confused as to what this creature was next to him, pecking at the pumpkins on the floor.

The kids are getting bigger, and I find it fascinating how these little humans have their own little personalities. Watching them grow and learn is a such a blessing. I’m truly a lucky aunt.


Family: Yes, Another One



In between all of the drawings and photography sessions in my life, I try my best to always make time for family. The kiddies are growing a little too quickly. My niece Harlie is one and already walking, running everywhere. and my nephew Amaury is turning 1 soon, and is still working on trying to get his first tooth.
I try my best to take advantage when everyone is a bit dressed up, and set my camera close to me. There’s something personal about catching loved ones candidly. I’m a big fan of having your personality shine through.  And since babies grow so quickly, I try to catch all of their innocent moments before it’s too late.
Today we got the big news that we’ll be having another little rugrat to spoil, and I’m so eager to have another little to capture and give all my hugs to.

Family: Bingo and Babies

If you’ve been around long enough, you know I usually start off with “Sundays are for family”. Well this Sunday, qualifies as well. When you have friends who have stuck around for many years, you know that’s family by initiation.
Harlie is three months already. My gorgeous god-daughter. she’s kicking like the soccer player she’s trying to become.

Alex came over to watch some movies with us, Ivelisse came after with her too cute daughter Kaylee… her cheeks, my goodness, I just want to squeeze them. Jhonny came by a little later, and it was so nice to see him feeding his god daughter, he’s so smitten with her. He kept saying he was going to steal her away! (NEVER!)

We started to play Bingo, and Kiki and Mami ended up kicking my ass. I’m going to have to start thinking of better bets, because since Kiki won, he gets to choose the movie for next Sunday… and you know it’s going to be some action movie with blood and a whole bunch of fighting.

Wait until I win a round, chick flicks all day!