Family: Yes, Another One



In between all of the drawings and photography sessions in my life, I try my best to always make time for family. The kiddies are growing a little too quickly. My niece Harlie is one and already walking, running everywhere. and my nephew Amaury is turning 1 soon, and is still working on trying to get his first tooth.
I try my best to take advantage when everyone is a bit dressed up, and set my camera close to me. There’s something personal about catching loved ones candidly. I’m a big fan of having your personality shine through.  And since babies grow so quickly, I try to catch all of their innocent moments before it’s too late.
Today we got the big news that we’ll be having another little rugrat to spoil, and I’m so eager to have another little to capture and give all my hugs to.

Happy Spring

UntitledIt’s officially Spring Time and the warm weather is starting to make an appearance, thank goodness.

I have officially finished packing up and sending out April’s Minx’s Mail.

And if you don’t know what that is, shame on you.

Feel free to sign up and get some freebies. This month I went all Easter themed out, without exactly adding the words “Easter” on there.

You never know who celebrates and believes in what now a days. Might as well keep it general. I added some cute chocolate bunnies and candy bracelets for the girls and some cute stickers.

I hope everyone likes.

I hope you all enjoy your Spring time holidays, either it be Eater, Passover, 4-20 or plain old Spring Break!