Tribeca Film Festival: Mary Poppins & Musical Stylings of Cristina Gatti


I was sooooooo cold. I can’t even exaggerate my shivering. I wore some cute little ballet flats, and ended up suffering.  I met up with David and friends, and Rosa ended up being my cuddle buddy, especially since she brought  a quilt big enough for 2.

After the movie, we headed to a nice little spot that looked straight from the 30’s. Cristina Gatti, one of David’s  friends was performing post modern juke box style. She reminds me of Amy Winehouse  with her raspy voice and I couldn’t love it anymore! Check out the pics and vids from this night. I also included one of her other videos of her singing Beyonce’s Drunk in Love, which I personally think is waaay better. Check it out.

Later guys.

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7 9IMG_4705Ps. Check out the video David video-graphed: