Event: Fem.Is.In

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to attend art shows. It's been a little while, but Fem.Is.In was a great way to get me going again. Seeing Swoon, Queen Andrea and Lady Pink's pieces in person again, are always a reminder to get my craft together. The push to start creating and stop … Continue reading Event: Fem.Is.In

Art Now NY Presents-Push It- An All Women Art Show

Tanya and I made our way to an All Women Art Show on W28th Street. Fellow talented ladies like Lady Pink, Queen Andrea, Indie 184, Tracy Piper, Elle, Alice Mizrachi, Katrina Del Mar and so many other phenomenal women. As soon as I arrived, I bumped into Phil, one of my friends that I always … Continue reading Art Now NY Presents-Push It- An All Women Art Show

Queen Andrea Art Show

Queen Andrea's Art Show Q and I headed to Eldridge street on the Lower East Side to pop up for a few minutes and checkout the show. We didn't stay for long, but I had to make an appearance. Queen Andrea" is a native New Yorker who was raised in the vibrant Soho neighborhood of … Continue reading Queen Andrea Art Show