Family: The One Year Olds Trick or Treat

I loooove Halloween, I always have. And now that the kiddies are here, and old enough to walk a bit, it’s time to start changing some traditions. Harlie was dressed like a little witch, while Amaury was cute puppy. I broke out last year’s costume and it was still a big hit. The whole night was walked around I kept hearing ” Baby shark, doo doo, doo doo” All I want to know is “am I the only upset that there’s no Auntie Shark?”
And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can see & hear the famous and super catchy theme song HERE. There are so many variations of it! (It’s also like the only thing that keeps this kids sane when they throw their temper tantrums!)
It was a nice night for all of us, and I was extremely impressed with a haunted house that was decorated not only on the outside, but the homeowners allowed strangers to walk inside and see all the madness. There was even a special room full of crazy clown, and they even had a movie being projected in the backyard. How sweet!
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Nanny Diaries

zjThis summer I’ve been spending a lot of time with my godson Zj. Babysitting is always a different experience when it comes to him and now that there’s a new puppy by the name of Ripley, more stories to tell. She’s this hyper little thing who loves to poop everywhere, and when she’s not being annoying, she can be pretty cute. I finally caught one of those cute moments and we decided to play.

After running around with Zj and play fighting most of the time, I decided to sketch for a bit. It was one of those 2 minutes sketches I had no idea where was headed, but decided to pick up a sharpie anyway. Here’s a few pics from our day 

sig 2ripleysketch ripleyzjripley