Family: The One Year Olds Trick or Treat

I loooove Halloween, I always have. And now that the kiddies are here, and old enough to walk a bit, it's time to start changing some traditions. Harlie was dressed like a little witch, while Amaury was cute puppy. I broke out last year's costume and it was still a big hit. The whole night … Continue reading Family: The One Year Olds Trick or Treat

Pizza Zoo Halloween 2016

What's Halloween without having a dope ass party to go to? Anyone who knows me, knows that I adore Halloween to the fullest extent. I usually throw my own house parties, but this year it was time to do something different. If you haven't noticed Pizzo Zoo parties on my blog before (see HERE & … Continue reading Pizza Zoo Halloween 2016

Slutoween: Why Women Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes

You guys may not know this about me, but I'm a lover of podcasts. Whenever I'm at work, you better believe I have on my bright green headphones on while I type away. One of my favorites has to be the feminists crew from "Stuff Mom Never Told You". They speak about almost everything related … Continue reading Slutoween: Why Women Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2014

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, I love you so much! Cheers to my first Halloween party! Well technically, I told Chris it was his, since originally it was his plan to throw a party like he did last year, (See that post HERE)but after complications, we were all ready to make other plans, I really wasn't in … Continue reading Halloween 2014

Body Art: Halloween

The gruesome festivities are among us, and  I couldn't be more excited! Here's a little flashback from an earlier body art session (see here) I did with photographer David Zayas Jr. and model Dose of my Soul, that was never released and horrified a bit. I can't wait to see all of your costumes, what … Continue reading Body Art: Halloween

5 DIY Halloween Costumes You Should Try

Halloween is around the corner and I'm super excited! I mean, you don't even understand... this holiday is better than my birthday and Christmas combined! When it came to dressing up for these festivities,  I've always loved Do It Yourself Costumes.  Of course when younger my  mother would take my brother and I to the … Continue reading 5 DIY Halloween Costumes You Should Try