Photography: Sasha’s Second

I love when I get to use my camera for feel good moments. My cousin Sasha is expecting her second child, and I was in charge of the photos. She didn't want anything fancy, and wanted to a cozy night in at home, so that's just what we did. I also had the opportunity of … Continue reading Photography: Sasha’s Second

Current Catch Up

Time gets the best of us, and sadly, like all grown ups we have 20 things to get done. 50 different lists that keep scrolling and 1, ooo different ideas that you have to figure out to make happen. Rent is a pocket killer, social sites take up your sanity most of the time and who … Continue reading Current Catch Up

“Board of Art” Art Show; Evil and Love Inc.

Evil and Love inc. at 211 Franklin Street was having an art show. I remember coming to this location about a year ago for their Cause and Effect show and had a pretty good time catching up with everyone and seeing MRS at her show. This time MRS was displaying some new work but I didn't … Continue reading “Board of Art” Art Show; Evil and Love Inc.

Cinco de Mayo

Three different places to go, and since one of these was last minute, as much as I tried, I couldn't make one of the get togethers. I know everyone I know was excited and going crazy with Cinco de Mayo.... let me re-phrase that, I know everyone was going crazy with how much they would … Continue reading Cinco de Mayo