Pedal to the Point

One of those Sundays, you know, the ones you spend with family, and this time friends. Feels like I don’t do much anymore but work and spend time with blood. I’m not complaining though, I’ve missed out on a lot these past couple years. I feel like we finally get to be “us” again…naturally.

My brother Kiki has always been about speed, and in my head (and on my phone’s contact list) he’s known as speed demon. Whenever my sister Julissa sees that he’s taking one of his bikes out for a spin, she already has her snapchat open and a helmet on. Lokita.

This time my pops joined in and took a quick spin up and down the block as well….in chankletas!We all didn’t really feel like hanging out in the backyard today, so we decided to go a little bigger… the neighborhood’s backyard. Let me explain. There’s a point at the end of our neighborhood, that is solitude, with a beautiful view of the water, the Whitestone bridge and all the planes headed towards La Guardia on their way to land home safely.

I used to come here all the time when I was a kid, or should I say teenager. Every time I felt like I had no one to talk to, I would walk or take my bike and just ride. Sit upon the rocks and just think.Spending time with loved ones, that’s everything. Kiki got on his motorcycle with Jula holding on tight, Gio and friends drove, while I, for old times sake, grabbed a bike and pedaled my way over there, feeling the breeze hit my face.

Even though so many know about this point, to me it has always felt like my own little secret.We all sat and joked around. Luckily I, at least I think so, got a chance to sneak in some shots. You know me, carrying a camera everywhere that I go. That sky was looking great man. I’ve also been using my 50mm portraits lens and I’m trying so hard to get used to it. Not because it’s difficult, but because it challenges me to move around instead of being lazy and just zooming in. When I was finally getting into it, I noticed my battery was dying…womp womp. So I limited the usage of my camera until deemed necessary. Seemed to worked out just fine.
Fernando came to join us a bit later on to the night, and if you know Fernando, you know that means he didn’t come alone. His loyal girlfriend hookah, came to join in on the fun. And that we did, a few smokes and a beautiful view. What a, minxinx

DC BBQ 2012

Thanks to my brother J, my team, DC had a blast getting together and catching up. J usually plans this annual barbecue ( last years bbq post here )  for all of us to attend and actually spend time together, since everyone lately is usually caught up into their own world now-a-days.

( hopefully that changes )

I arrived with a bottle of vodka and a gallon of cranberry juice and greeted everyone with their kiss on the cheek, it didn’t take long for me to start hunting for food.


Of course I was super excited when I saw the guys from Mook Life grilling and I started calling shotgun on the burgers!

I spent most of the whole time throwing a  football  around, girls against guys and I must say, between me, Tuti, Set and Kash us girls definitely had a decent arm. I’m sure these guys were very impressed.

It was also nice seeing the DC guys from Canada, yes we’re everywhere!

Shout out to them.

The sun was blazing and I was so glad I wore a flowy dress instead of some regular jeans and a tee. My only mistake was playing ball in some thong sandals. I started to play barefoot in the grass, but once the game was over I put them on and they just snapped!

All I could think was ” How am I getting home? I’m sure as hell not hopping!”

Ens, the genius that he is hands me a knife and tells me to slice the bottom of my shoe open, thread the leather through and hand tie a knot at the bottom so I can at least get home.

What a prince.

I was happy when I noticed the bestfriend Ari ( Misha ) arrive, especially since she’s been so busy working on a super secret project that you guys are not supposed to know about yet, but will soon and hopefully enjoy. I was even more in shock when she popped up in a dress!

And even more, in stripes!

haha I loved it!

The lovely Kash ( Teekayelle ) also made an appearance and I’m always more than happy when I have friends from two different circles collide. Not that this was the first time of them meeting. We have much work and good times ahead of us.

And on that note, until the next adventure…. later guys.

Thanks to ARI and JEN for the photgraphs.

Slick Rick


The legendary Slick Rick was having a free concert at Crotona park in the Bronx. You know damn well I was excited! Knowing me, I got some other hyped as well!


Dj Brucie B had us all jumping around and rapping to old school hip hop. He was definitely doing his thing.

The park was packed. Everywhere we turned was either an old couple, a group of old friends… and even in front of us, an old lesbian couple….they needed a show for themselves.

They made the concert so much better! They were having too much fun….

A even started dancing with one of the ladies…. but her girlfriend got jealous! Bendito!

I couldn’t stop laughing….. Even writing this alone and looking at the pic above…. oh man!

A is a trip! Slick came out and the crowd went wild! ( myself included )

I’m actually surprised Jerm didn’t start breakdancing….. he’s addicted I tell you!

Our spots were perfect. We were right in front… I’m pretty if Slick Rick dropped a sweat, one of us would’ve caught it…. eeeew.. that was disturbing, I take that back.

I’m telling you, these ladies were killing it! You don’t want to believe me. ( chuckles )


Once the concert was over, the Dj continued to play…. and we all continued to dance… at the street corner on our way to the car… We should’ve gotten some tips.

A got us some coquitos and we made a toast…. I think we make a toast with everything, it doesn’t even have to have liquor in it!

We, or should I say, I, wanted to get really fat tonight… so we headed to Little Caesars and we got pizza.

Three pies of pure deliciousness. Bacon, Sausage and Chicken. Yum.

We arrived at my house and my father blessed us with some drinks. Jerm tried to figure out what was in it… He kept insisting that it was vodka… he was wrong…. ( don’t tell him… it was tequila )

Of course we had to end the night with a bang… and that we did.


There was even a starwars simulation….  This was definitely a good day, and what better way than to spend it with music, food, drinks, fireworks and awesome friends.


Photographs by Misha Merino