Judy and Miguel’s Babyshower

jmbOne of my friend’s Judy is expecting a little girl, soon to be named Sophia.

I know how hard her and her mother have been planning her baby shower, and I figured why not put in my 2 cents. I took her maternity pictures, helped set up and took photographs of the event. You can’t say I don’t love you Jude. 🙂

When I first arrived, I felt a little weird, I only knew the mother to be, her mother and have met the soon to be dad about 3 times, tops. So I already felt out of place, not to mention the fact that it was my birthday, and today was probably one of the worst days ever. I tried to keep a happy face, but to be honest, all I wanted was to go home and crawl under my covers.

Judy looked absolutely beautiful. When her and Miguel (dad to be) arrived, everyone stood up and cheered for the soon to be parents. There was baby shower games of course, an awesome dj, and even amazing food. Let me tell you, the food was solo good. There was everything from lasagna, peril, rice, roasted chicken, chicken alfredo, ceviche and so much more I can’t remember right now, but I wish I eating.

The dj was on point, and I’m so glad he was playing some spanish music, anybody and everybody who knows me, knows that I love to dance spanish music. Once I’m up, the bachata, tipico takes over. After a few drinks, I loosened up a bit and managed to make some friends, and better yet ones that can dance, so that dance floor was all mine.

Judy’s family, the sweethearts that they are, surprised me with a birthday shout out, while everyone sang to me. I was blushing, grateful and was happy to finally get a smile out of my day. Thank you. Once I got home, because I really wasn’t that far, thank goodness, I went straight to sleep, that pillow was my everything.

Here are a few pics of our night, see the rest HERE.

Maternity Shoot: Sophia’s Mommy

11.2.w83cdf0bd9774a3ef9123c4df9b341aabStraight from work, I felt no need to stay at home lounging around doing nothing. I called up one of my closest friends around my way (well, my only friend around my way.. I have yet to make friends in Brooklyn.. booo hooo.) Any who… since her babyshower is around the corner, I thought it was perfect to have a last minute photoshoot of our own. Note, that I do not  own photoshop (which I’m dying to learn) so I pretty much make due with what I have. We set up using a lamp to add some brightness to her face and I just started to snap away. I hope you guys like, I know she loved them!9w10.2w7 8Ps. Check out these behind the scenes pics of when we were fooling around with makeup with her gorgeous niece!1-6_1 2-5_1 4_1 5_1 6_1