Family: 4 Month Old Harlie Alexa

Harlie Alexa is 4 months old now… look how chunky she’s filling out. That smile is absolutely contagious, she looks like a little grandma in that tiny body. I’m such a lucky madrina. Here she is with her abuela, my mother, while she gets milk wasted in the center image.

New Artwork: Mini You: Godmother

My Mini You’s seem to usually be a crowd pleaser. So when it came time to give my madrina (Godmother) a Christmas present, I decided to personalize it.

6Remember this picture?

Well check out my transformation:

Sketch1441443222She absolutely loved it!

If you guys like, you can order your own. Just click on Mini You’s on the link above and contact me.

Hawaiian for Lionela


Lionela’s Birthday

cake presents


My cousin Lionela had a little get together at her house.

And after a long day of work, painting my living room ( pictures coming soon )

ending the night with family laughing was just what a girl needed.

sasha and gj presents


Last time I saw everyone was New Years, and it’s crazy ridiculous how quickly time flies.

a little affection godmother


My godmother served Q and I some fried chicken and stuffed ricotta cheese raviolis, which were delicious.

As much as I love food, I find almost everything delicious.

mommy and gj        Q


I couldn’t arrive empty handed of course, though I didn’t get much of a present,

I knew if I came with a bottle of vodka it’ll make up for it.

sasha lighting the candles starting a fire


Lionela looked so pretty and relaxed, enjoying GJ, who happened to steal the whole night.

show stealer birthday girl


Gj was everywhere, looking cute in her colorful skirt, fake sneezing and making everyone laugh, especially when she would go to everyone except my cousin Lidia.

godfather me and Q


And of course she managed to flirt with Q again =]



We all sang happy birthday of course, until we all laughed at the fact that Sasha started singing

” Is she one? Is she two? Is she three?… etc.

arturo and lidia


We never got to the last number, I think she quit by age 6!

caught talking to sasha caught again

Happy Birthday Li, I hope you enjoyed yourself ad I wish you many more great times, especially now since you have a beautiful chapter of  motherhood ahead of you.

winner!( When she ran to you instead of JR.      Mommy wins! )