Family: 4 Month Old Harlie Alexa

Harlie Alexa is 4 months old now… look how chunky she’s filling out. That smile is absolutely contagious, she looks like a little grandma in that tiny body. I’m such a lucky madrina. Here she is with her abuela, my mother, while she gets milk wasted in the center image.

NEW TUTU : MinxyKattitude : Kimira

It’s been a while since you guys have seen any new tutu’s lately from my sister site MinxyKattitude . Now that Kat and I are so far away from each other 😦     ( miss you )

Before the move, well, waaaaaay before the move, we worked on this tutu to giveaway for free.

And no there’s no catch.. all anyone and everybody had to do was send us an email and tell us why their little girl should win.

Kimberly ( @__k_i_m__ ) and her gorgeous little girl Kimira, was our winner!

It took us a while to finally get the tutu to her, but she looks beautiful in it…

Here’s a short clip of her in character as the fairy god mother from Cinderella.

Too cute!