Cuba: Rough Night In Old Habana

Today is my sister's birthday, I won't be able to celebrate with her but I made sure to send her a message right before I boarded the plane. Today is also our last day in Matanzas. We have a late check out, so the girls went out for a run, while I enjoy the house … Continue reading Cuba: Rough Night In Old Habana

Cuba: Finding Our Way to La Farmacia

I finally got to sleep in a bit today. The girls are already roaming around the house getting ready. They've planned a whole day I wasn't even a part of. It's alright... I ask what the plans are and we have a lot of walking to do today. I wasn't too happy about that at … Continue reading Cuba: Finding Our Way to La Farmacia

Cuba: Swallowed by the Sea

    That was a good night sleep, I was so cold though. I snuggled up next to Tanya just to get more warmth. It's 10am and our taxi is waiting for us. Mitchell is quiet, and also very polite. He drives us to Varadero. Cuatro palmas is a gorgeous beach. I noticed there were … Continue reading Cuba: Swallowed by the Sea

Cuba: She Made It!

After our beach date, I headed to track down our taxi. I love the beach, but I can't stay there all day. I saw the green Chevy and I laid on it... waiting for Jovani to come around, where ever he  was hiding. He noticed me right away. For a "whatever age you are man" … Continue reading Cuba: She Made It!

Cuba: She Eats by the Seashore

 The bathing suits are on. Our ride is here and we made our way to Santa Maria.  A beautiful beach 20 Kilometers away lined with pine and coconut trees, recommended by our taxi driver. The drive was quick and we drove by El Malecon again, this time watching the calm waters, nothing like yesterday. Jovani … Continue reading Cuba: She Eats by the Seashore