Cuba: Rough Night In Old Habana

old habanaculinary, food, cuban foodToday is my sister’s birthday, I won’t be able to celebrate with her but I made sure to send her a message right before I boarded the plane. Today is also our last day in Matanzas. We have a late check out, so the girls went out for a run, while I enjoy the house to myself, the quiet and the need to not rush.Mitchell knocks on our door, he’s here and ready to drive us to Old Habana. He picks up my suitcase and throws it in the car. Instead of paying attention to the scenery, I start watching the episodes of The Office I downloaded before I arrived. Cuba is great, yet I’m already thinking of the next trip I want to have, by myself.cuban doors, cuba, cuban, exteriorWe arrive at our third casa particular. We’re right in the center of Old Havana, our place is a railroad apartment with dim lighting. I’m pretty tired.
Cuba makes me realize how spoiled we are. Internet access, and the food. As soon as I get back to New York I want my mother to cook me some oxtail, or maybe get myself a real burger. The food here is not the best, but it´s edible and it’s better than starving. Sometimes we get lucky though. El Fígaro is right around the corner, and it´s been recently aired on the Diner Drivers and Dives.. with guy fiere. The waiter was nice and spoke English, and started flirting with Tanya. I ordered ropa vieja and it was delicious. Thank goodness. The sangria was sour, and so was the limonada I ordered, but the food, no complaints.Today we will be attempting to go to the Fabrica de Arte, once again. We tried to go before and it was closed, so we ended up going to La Casa de Música instead. Tonight we didn’t have the best of luck either. We met Rodney, another taxi driver who did his best to take us to a dancing spot but that didn’t work out. We ended up paying for a cab to take us there, and bring us right back. Wack. We stopped by a bar really close to our house and I ordered the infamous drink Cuba Libre. It was named after the slogan of the revolution since Fidel Castro used to drink it all the time. It´s basically a rum and coke with lime, Tanya had 2 mojitos, and Oli ordered herself a pina colada. We talked for a few hours, and like always I´m the first one who’s ready to call it a night. I´m getting so old man. We pass by the restaurant we were at earlier and the waiter, Jean Carlos asks us if we wanted to go to a bar and continue the night. We were really thinking about it, but changed our minds at last minute. Now, were currently upstairs, and the girls are still talking… I don’t know how they do it. How can you have so much to say? We planned our day for tomorrow and I´m ready to call it quits. I stayed up a bit to write and draw, until tomorrow. Night ya’ll.