Fifth and a Drink

Another day in the city. Marcela and I started at a hood spot near home for "breakfast" even though technically it was like 3pm. A friend Crystal has been telling me non-stop about this place, and I figured it was about that time.  I texted her to ask for suggestions, and she stressed how I … Continue reading Fifth and a Drink

Rat Infested with Oli-Oli-O

 I had a date with my Oli Oli O, and we decided to meet on 5th ave, and since we were already there I had to stop by Bergdorf Goodman. I love their Christmas section, and yes, even though it's super early, I know they already had it set up since late September. I used … Continue reading Rat Infested with Oli-Oli-O

Waterfights and Sunflowers

My original plan was go to Central Park's annual water fight, where hundreds of New Yorkers get together and well, fight! After stopping by my local toy shop to pick up some water guns (seems like I buy new ones every time, because I always give them away to little kids or something) I met … Continue reading Waterfights and Sunflowers

Kaws Artshow

I was sooooooo excited to go to this show. But before I start on that, seems like Halloween has been lasting a week long! We bumped into Bane while transferring trains and Q couldn't resist but to catch a pic with him. We even bumped into this brownstone that was decorated from  top to bottom with … Continue reading Kaws Artshow