Family: Jenna’s Baby Brunch



After my brother Luis and his girl’s gender reveal, they were pretty much convinced that they didn’t want a babyshower at all. In my opinion I can see exactly why. All the money spent throwing a fancy party for everyone else, you could easily just buy everything yourself (and it would still probably be cheaper). Plus, whoever wants to get you a present, is going to get you something anyway, babyshower or not. Wendy, Jen’s sister wanted a little celebration anyway, especially since this Jen’s first child.
I have to say, I really loved seeing how much Wendy loves her sister. She was so personable and made every little thing about Jen and Luis. It was beautiful.
She planned an all women (not counting the daddy to be) brunch and everyone was required to wear pink… yes, it’s a girl!





The unlimited mimosas and sangria woke us all up. My tres golpes was delicious. Sofrito was on point and
my momma was looking gorgeous today, I think I snapped more pictures of her than the couple! hahaha.
It was a really good day. I wanted to dance a bit, but the music was kind of low. Didn’t stop me from dancing a song with Luis.


















I hope you guys have enjoyed the pics, and this time I’m adding a video as well. That’s right!
I want to start teaching myself a bit more video editing, so let’s hope that goes well.
See you guys next time!

Photography: Alexis & Jamal Have a Babyshower



This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing such a special moment for Alexis and Jamal. After many moons together, and being recently married it was time for the newest chapter in their lives. It’s time to celebrate a new life, Aurora Simone.
Their family was so inviting and full of smiles, making my job so much easier.
I’ll be sharing more pictures soon, I hope you enjoy the ones from the event itself.
In the mean time, go check out my photography instagram, @millistephaniaphotography





















Julissa & Mauricio’s Babyshower

Last night we celebrated my sister Julissa, her beau Mauricio and the newest blessing coming to us soon, Amaury. I’m the luckiest aunt in the world.
My sister looked gorgeous in her floor length dress. For someone who didn’t even want  to have a baby shower in the first place, she looked stunning, and was so happy to be surrounded by  all the people who love her.
Mauricio grabbed the mic, and thanked everyone for attending, for their help, for their well wishes. Jula shied up a bit, but not when it came to the dancing. Well, you can see that for yourself in the video above.

My nephew Amaury Alfonso is going to be so blessed to have you guys as parents… casi casi!

Taimane & Christian’s Babyshower: Celebrating Harlie Alexa

This December I’ll be meeting the love of my life, and I couldn’t me any more excited. For now, this November, we’ll be celebrating her arrival. My god daughter Harlie Alexa is going to be surrounded by so many loved ones who can’t wait to meet her. What a lucky little girl.
Welcome to her Baby Shower. The theme “Winter Wonderland fit for a Princess

Everything looked absolutely adorable, and pink!
I think we all pretty much know how Dominican baby showers play out, a bunch of families, loud music, dancing, great food and a couple of drinks. this time we’ll be merging two families together, all who are going to adore this little girl to the fullest. So, I hope you all enjoy the pictures for now. December is rolling by quickly, and I can’t wait for these two to become parents already. Congratulations, Taimane & Christian!Thank you to Inoaphoto for all of the photography

Khloe’s Shower

My brother Luis and his girlfriend Julievet are expecting baby number 2. My soon to be niece Khloe will be taking over in a house full of boys. It was only a matter of time.Holding my nephew Tristan was a dream come true, especially since I don’t get the opportunity to see him much. He’s a huge ball of energy, I adore him.
Like usual, my sister Julissa and I always get the party started. We’re always the first ones to start dancing, and this time was no different. ♥

My dad was in attendance and my frumpy brother Jeremy was too. I wish he actually tried to enjoy himself a little more. Catching up with everyone was great, the food was so good and I have a morning shift, I wish I didn’t have to deal with, so unfortunately I was one of the first ones to go. Boooo.I wish you, Lu & Ju the most of happiness to come, can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family.

Sasha’s Babyshower

DSC03176UntitledMy gorgeous prego of a cousin Sasha is almost due for the newest addition to our family, Jonahs. Her and soon to be father, Ramgy had the cutest theme I have seen yet. Hollywood Cinema. All their little touches were absolutely on point.

I had my friend Tanya be my date, which was so good. We have both been so busy with our lives, it’s time to start making some time for each other.

My sister Julissa looked sooo cute with her bob and grey dress, she looked like she came straight from the 90’s.

The mom to be, Sasha looked soooo glamorous! Almost everyone was going nuts with her sparkly dress. I loved it.

There was a live tipico band, which I was loving, once I’m up and dancing, forget it.

A nice surprise from one of Sasha’s friends was a belly dancer, she was great and had all the men blushing!

Here’s a few pics of our night… on my next post, I’ll be sure to put up some of the maternity pics I took for Sasha and Ramgy as their gift, which they used for the shower… See you guys soon.39e728cf9928f45483b4e2af424818acDSC03129DSC03126DSC03128DSC03177DSC03133DSC03137DSC03143DSC03134DSC03146DSC03142DSC03155DSC03148DSC03145DSC03163DSC03158DSC03164DSC03170DSC03173DSC03190DSC03185 DSC03235 DSC03212 DSC03215DSC03245

Tristan’s Babyshower

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As soon as I got back to New York, the next day I had to wake up super early to start unpacking and to most definitely go shopping for a present. My brother Luis and his girlfriend Julievet were celebrating the “I’m about to bring life into this world” and “I’m drinking it up before all the responsibilities” party.

Check out our new extended family and all the pictures Q and I took, since they didn’t have a photographer. We kept running around everywhere.03 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 19I was dancing my butt off!201The Babyshower games. The women won the first round, whoever chugged their beer out of a baby bottle the fastest won.

The second round the women won again, though I really think the men were cheated out of their victory.2 3 4 5My brother Luis was the perfect host. He had everyone hyped up and laughing.

Plus he looked so spiffy in his suit 🙂6This game was crazy.

The women had to be covered in clothing pins. While the men were blindfolded, they had to remove all of the pins, basically feel us up until there were no pins left.

Q hasn’t seen me for 3 weeks because of my trip to D.R.


I knew we had this game in the bag! 7We won first prize….wooooooot!8 9My baby sister dropping it low for the camera.1011I can’t wait until I get to meet my nephew for the first time.12