Family: Jenna’s Baby Brunch

After my brother Luis and his girl's gender reveal, they were pretty much convinced that they didn't want a babyshower at all. In my opinion I can see exactly why. All the money spent throwing a fancy party for everyone else, you could easily just buy everything yourself (and it would still probably be cheaper). … Continue reading Family: Jenna’s Baby Brunch

Photography: Alexis & Jamal Have a Babyshower

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing such a special moment for Alexis and Jamal. After many moons together, and being recently married it was time for the newest chapter in their lives. It's time to celebrate a new life, Aurora Simone. Their family was so inviting and full of smiles, making my job … Continue reading Photography: Alexis & Jamal Have a Babyshower

Julissa & Mauricio’s Babyshower

Last night we celebrated my sister Julissa, her beau Mauricio and the newest blessing coming to us soon, Amaury. I'm the luckiest aunt in the world. My sister looked gorgeous in her floor length dress. For someone who didn't even want  to have a baby shower in the first place, she looked stunning, and was … Continue reading Julissa & Mauricio’s Babyshower

Taimane & Christian’s Babyshower: Celebrating Harlie Alexa

This December I'll be meeting the love of my life, and I couldn't me any more excited. For now, this November, we'll be celebrating her arrival. My god daughter Harlie Alexa is going to be surrounded by so many loved ones who can't wait to meet her. What a lucky little girl. Welcome to her … Continue reading Taimane & Christian’s Babyshower: Celebrating Harlie Alexa

Sasha’s Babyshower

My gorgeous prego of a cousin Sasha is almost due for the newest addition to our family, Jonahs. Her and soon to be father, Ramgy had the cutest theme I have seen yet. Hollywood Cinema. All their little touches were absolutely on point. I had my friend Tanya be my date, which was so good. … Continue reading Sasha’s Babyshower

Tristan’s Babyshower

As soon as I got back to New York, the next day I had to wake up super early to start unpacking and to most definitely go shopping for a present. My brother Luis and his girlfriend Julievet were celebrating the "I'm about to bring life into this world" and "I'm drinking it up before all … Continue reading Tristan’s Babyshower