Captured By Belle: Sophia

2minxinxWhile hanging out with Judy, while I worked on some pictures that I needed to edit from a family shoot I had earlier this week…. Judy was on mommy mode. I decided to take a quick break from the computer screen and from our gossip and take a few pics of her baby girl Sophia. This little girl is such a momma’s girl, let me tell you! She can’t be apart from Jud for like a minute without stretching her vocal chords. ♥ I grabbed a sequined fabric I had laying around and just a snapped a quick pic, isn’t she the cutest!?

kiss kiss, Minx

Raymond’s 19th Birthday

My not so baby cousin is officially 19 years young. I arrived early and got to help my godmother with all the shopping for the BBQ that was happening tonight. You had to see us, running around that supermarket like crazy ladies. We were running short on time and had so much to do. Raymond was expecting about 15 friends to come through and it was time for the grilling to begin, My godmother being the pro that she is, was on point and finished everything just as needed. The hookah was out and orange vodka was being passed around. Silly us forgot to bring out the cake that my cousin Sasha went nuts to get, so with most of his friends gone, Happy Birthday was sang with his tight close friends and family. Not a bad deal anyway.

Love you Raymond, wish you the best in life always.IMG_4888.jpgIMG_4926.jpgIMG_4867.jpgIMG_4942.jpgIMG_4866.jpg.jpgIMG_4947.jpgIMG_4923.jpgIMG_4874.jpgIMG_4934.jpgIMG_4880.jpgIMG_4940.jpgIMG_4893.jpgIMG_4906.jpgIMG_4911.jpg

One Month Jonahs

IMG_4827.jpgIMG_4811.jpgMy  baby cousin Jonahs. How adorable.. getting chunkier by the minute!

Captured by Belle: Tristan at 3 Months

IMG_4274.w IMG_4290.wLook how handsome my nephew Tristan is looking these days!

He’s such a little character at 3 months, and that flirty smile that he does, ugh.. I’m in love!


Captured by Belle: Jonahs

926182_1416764625269922_68084926_nWhile hanging out with family, I got to snap some more pictures of my baby cousin Jonahs…

I told you I was surrounded by babies. And let’s face it, they’re the best company for me right now, a huge smile on my face.

Just what a girl needs.

Look how adorable he is.IMG_3811.wIMG_3814.wPs. check out my family and our day.926182_1416764625269922_68084926_n

Welcoming Jonahs Ramon

IMG_3608chrissy joyMy cousin Sasha finally and recently just gave birth to her newborn by the name of Jonahs Ramon. He is the tiniest little thing!

I’m so happy for Sasha, I know she was starting to get stressed because little J was being stubborn and refused to enter the world already. She mentioned how she had power walked, did squats, drank special tea, even had some adult action to induce labor and no luck. Her belly was the biggest it was going to get and it looked like she kept dropping, just not popping.

I was so excited to finally meet my new baby cousin, he’s so handsome. IMG_3635IMG_3612IMG_3664

My cousin Lidia’s daughter Magelis, observing her new cousin.IMG_3651IMG_3654IMG_3646

But look at those toes!IMG_3668Magelis is such a little flirt!IMG_3613

A Walk In The City

IMG_5441Roaming around the city, I decided to put my baby to good use. And when I mean baby, I mean my canon, I named her Belle 🙂IMG_5203NPHI also got the chance to bump in to Neil Patrick Harris, so of course I took some candids. He’s lengen… wait for it…dary! (You know I had to throw that in there ♥)IMG_5302I liked this shot of The Empire State Building, not only was it in the blue and green colors I adore, this picture looks like a rocket! After taking a couple of shots and making the lines go different ways, this one was my favorite.IMG_5362Consider this your sneak preview… this stickie is the next body art shoot that will be shown here on my blog and a new addition to my portfolio. 🙂