Family: The Ro’s Tie the Knot

Well, well, welI, I think I’m doing a pretty good job of catching up if I do say so myself. If you’re walking in this blog blind, here’s what you missed:
I recently traveled to London and Rome on business. I’ve been using my camera and connecting with old friends at the same time.
I’ve drawn cute little cartoons of myself in my room, of a gorgeous melanin queens w dreads, and a cute pair of ankle booties.

Now that we’re all caught up, and back from the UK and Europe….let’s make our way to the Caribbean. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  that is.

Weddings,if you’re a bride, are stressful. If you’re the groom, your job is too pretty much show up. This one wasn’t any different.
Kudos to my mother for planning everything from the other side of the map. Good thing we no longer need calling cards to reach the Dominican Republic, because that bill, would have cost more than the wedding itself. My mother and her dear friend Goonie have been working for months, getting every little detail just right. The invitations, picking out the flowers, the seating charts, well… I think you get the gist of things.
Mami was the first to arrive with a list of crazy tasks to get done, including picking out her wedding dress, and the big day was only a day and  half away.   Yes, you read that right.

I arrived a day later, and I also knew that my bridesmaid’s dress still needed to be picked out and altered. With my sister and brother’s girlfriend arriving the day of, they really wouldn’t have much of a choice. And with our body types completely different, I knew I had to keep the other girls in mind. I think I did pretty good considering we only have three options in the color my mom wanted.

On the big day, we arrived to El Palacio Royal. We had a huge suite where our makeup artists were waiting. I was ready for a makeover. Since there were only two girls glitzing us up, and 6 who needed worked done, we were running short on time.

When mami spoke to the priest the day before, she assured him she would be on time. He hates performing weddings, she told us. He thinks the bride thinks is all about her. “I have a mass to perform right after, so if you’re late… You’re losing out.” Mami reassured him that that wouldn’t happen.

Well, it happened. Our cab driver decides to drive slow. Goonie, who was in charge of everything running smoothly, was playing no games. She starts to insult him, and everyone is cranky because 1, we’re late and 2, there’s no air conditioner! Mami was even afraid her makeup was going to melt before she arrived to the church. This cab driver heard everyone’s mouth. He hated us.

We arrived an hour and half late. Wow. We didn’t even know what we were doing, wehavent practiced how we were going to enter or anything. We grabbed hands and headed down the aisle. When we got closer to the front, we could tell the priest wasn’t happy.

Too late for pouting. Truly.

The priest began his sermon. I told you guys already, I was not planning to get emotional. I’ve seen my parents together for almost ever. They’ve been together for 20 years… That’s a long time. I got this. I lied.

I didn’t start bawling my eyes out, but my heart felt light and my cheeks were wet. They’re just soooo damn cute!

When the father gave the blessing that the new spouses can kiss, my father went all in. What a kiss… Save it for the honey moon folks.