Photography: Kathy Familia

I met Kathy when I was about 18 years old. She walked into the retail store I used to work at, looking gorgeous. Always a Fashionista. We quickly bonded when we agreed to share each other’s discounts for all the clothes, shoes and accessories we could afford at the time.

Naturally time passes, and ten years later she’s still a rockstar with style, this time with an afro I fell in love with it. I had to photograph it, her, all of it. In my mind, I thought I was doing her a favor by giving her new images, but in all reality, she was the one who had a bigger and better gift for me.

Our night started off kinda messy. Looking for a place to shoot at night is not my strong suit. I’ve been currently teaching myself manual mode in my camera, so things took longer than expected, but It was so worth it.
We roamed the streets of Chinatown, and instantly I was drawn to all the background lights, making anyone who likes to take a pictures, a dream come true for bokeh (the blurry background with the lights)
We had no specific place in mind, so while roaming I made a turn into a street, it was pretty dark but there was some neon lights that were calling my name, then that’s when I saw it.

A gorgeous old school powder blue Buick. Oooomg, I saw the whole scene come before me. That fro, those boots, that car. I’m one to respect other people’s belongings, so I didn’t want her to lean on the car, and get all comfy then have someone come and bitch to us about it. My mental was all wrong.
The owner came down and noticed Kathy posing in front of the car, he says not one word, takes out his keys, opens the door to the car and tells her to get in, then walks away.
Did that just really happen? I was soooooo ready and so grateful. My camera was working over time. I had to get the right shots and I I messed this up, I could never forgive myself. What a sweetheart!

But I gotta say, Kathy’s aura was amazing and so refreshing. After our little photo session, we went to get some pizza, and her prayer was bringing me to tears. Not only was the food blessed, but she prayed for our encounter, she prayed for me and my well  being, for a better future, for the strength to make better decisions and  for a better future… she even added a little prayer for God to send me a man who respects and adores me.

Oh, man…. is anyone cutting onions in  here!?

You always tend to hear to surround yourself with others who teach you, help you grow, wish you the best, but Kathy was a blessing, and I only hope she’s rewarded everything beautiful in life, like she deserves.

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