Video: Cuba 2017

Many ask me, “How was Cuba?”
How could I possibly explain the experience of this tragic beauty. The island is poor, all you want to do is turn around and help someone. It turns out, that even though the architecture of all the historic structures are stunning, my favorite beauty happened to be the people. Almost every single person I encountered happened to have such an inviting personality. So humble, so willing to take the time out of their day to initiate conversation. Many Cubans were just as curious about us, as we were of them. The patience and the manners that the locals had, made me wish I can take the manners, behavior and the politeness back to the states.
We’re all so caught up in what’s in front of our screens, we don’t take the time out to speak to people. We’re so used to having options, we don’t care if we were rude to you…”Oh, well

It’s taken me some time, 300 clips, 28 minutes of footage. I’ve tried my best to condense it as much as I could, and all this time later, the video is finally done. So now, when you ask me, “How was Cuba?” You can see for yourself!