Cuba: So Not Ready

Worst sleep of my life. This pain is annoying and uncomfortable. Instead of going to the beach, the girls opted to go to the Malecon again. They worked out, got a tan, while I woke up at 10am again. We had a full day planned of actually hitting all the touristy stops. So far, our escaped have been pretty much living like the locals do, soaking in their culture, speaking to the people, giving back to the people. Today we will walk.  Tanya was our tour guide, and led the way to to all the infamous spots like El Museo de la Revolución, El Museo de Bellas Artes. I was excited when I got to visit el Mucseo de () Which is the museum of Santeria. Im very careful with messing with all those energies, I don’t want evil spirits headed my way, but I´ve always been very intrigued and curious about the culture. I like reading about all the gods, what their purpose was and is, an even learning about their practices. Two of the gods that stood out to me the most was probably Ochun and Ochumbe. Ochun over looks on people, taking care of them, she’s also the goddess you pray to when in need of fertility. Ochumbe I have never heard off until today. I found interesting that she lives 6 months female and then 6 months male. I have to do some reading on these, but how cool is that? I´ll admit, I was a little nervous to go in. I didn’t want to disrespect any part of the exhibit, so I made sure to throw my shawl on, remove my sunglasses, and I kept my hands in pockets at all times. I was definitely more into it than the others.

The museum of bellas artes, is a fine arts museum. If you had to compare it to any other in NYC it would probably be the MOMA. There were two museums, one universal and solely with cuban artists. We decided to visit the exhibit with only cuban artists. I mean, that’s why we´re here right? We told our selves we would only stay for 30 minutes, we had a tight schedule today, but an hour later we were still roaming the installations picking out favorites. I wish we could have taken pictures though. (Shrugs shoulders) We walked through a sketchy neighborhood and found the old trains we were looking for. They were right in the middle of the street, in a small triangle park. They were pretty gorgeous. I thought I was going to bump into a red bird, the ones I was used to when I was little girl on the 2 and 5 line in the Bronx, but I was wrong. These trains were from like 1920 and huge! Coco Chanel recently had a fashion shoes in 2016, the first one Cub has had in many years. Tanya ended up doing a little catwalk in the park where it was held. One of the cops was enjoying her little spin and smirked when she passed by. We’ve been walking since 11am, we’re finally taken at break at about 5pm. I was starving and we haven’t eaten yet. I ordered a fish with white rice. I’ve been ordering a lot of seafood this trip, super proud of myself. Tanya was leading us to the Malecon. According to her it was only a 15 minute walk. We were suffering for an extra hour. We finally got to where we wanted to go, and I have to say it was worth it. El Hotel Nacional was stunning. T was so eager to be there. Fred Astaire, Carmen Miranda, Lucky Luchiano and many mobsters, have had meetings in this hotel and the infamous shoot out(look up story here) we ordered some cigars and puffed in the garden. I find it funny, about 5 years I had made a bucket list, smoke a cuban cigar in cuba was actually on my list… scratch that off! I find myself scratching off many things in my bucket list lately, maybe I should re-share that with you guys. I know I did a long time ago.We tried to find a cab and it seems that whenever we don’t need one, they’re everywhere. The taxi cab drivers harassing us to get inside. Now that we need one, its obsolete. The roads seems to be closed due to a salsa festival that’s going on. We find a cab and as soon as we get home we rush and get ready.   It’s our last night in Cuba, it’s time to have dinner and celebrate. We meet up with the rest of Olivias family and there’s a guy giving a performance. He has a nice set of pipes on him, and is absolutely hilarious. His little dance kills me. His friend joins him on the mic and they give us a show I wont forget. I order two Cuba Libres and tell the waiter to send the drinks over to them on my behalf. One of the singers thanks me. When I go off to the bathroom with the girls, because you know.. we can never go alone. We´re taking pictures while we wait on the line. The kitchen is right next to us, and one of the cooks is over looking through a window, smiling at us. He jokingly asks to take a picture as well, and me being as crazy as I am say yes. It’s completely harmless, why not… Tanya starts cracking up because it looks like a couple picture. When I look at it, she’s not wrong…ugh. I´m so not ready to be looking like a couple with anybody. I go use the bathroom and I hear her telling someone in her broken ass Spanish … numero, para amiga americana? Oh heeeeell fucking no. I know she’s not pimping me out right now. I don’t even know where to put my face right now, I’m still hiding in the bathroom. According to her she’s looking out for my woman needs. I’m not ready… I know I’m not ready.