Paris | Take Me To The Top Baby

Take me to the the top baby— top of the Eiffel Tour that is, as the french call it “Tour de Eiffel”.

We’ve visiting the sights at night, and how glorious it was, this time it was time to catch a view from above and we were all excited. We made the long ass line and when we reached the front we had to go through security twice. I guess all the fuss is necessary after all the attacks a few months ago.
We rode the elevator to the first stop, it was freezing, the wind was making an appearance, and I kept hiding behind all the pillars I saw. We were all going bat shit crazy running around. The view was foggy, everything looked tiny, and seeing the landscape of Paris in all it’s intricate ways was just speechless.

Time to hit the next level,back to the elevator.

We were higher, and this time we in a closed space, I noticed a set of stairs and made my way to the top..the very tip top of the Eiffel Tower. What a fucking view!

A view and the cold… I was shivering.

I spotted a bartender and with the last of my euros, I purchased two flutes of champagne, one for me and my beau. He looked surprised, we toasted and like any latinos…. we made the most of it.

I turned the music on on my phone, played a bachata song and what do you know, Dominicans in Paris! We danced a quick song and then ran away from the cold.
Our nights in Paris have been numbered, I left our host Estelle a little goodbye note and we were off to the airport!