The Meadows NYC

|  my favorite shot of the night, Bryson Tiller  |Girl friends are the best, I swear! Oli surprised me with tickets to The Meadows NYC concert that was being held at Citi Field, in Queens. We were supposed to meet at 2pm, and I kept the poor girl waiting an hour, well, we kept each … Continue reading The Meadows NYC

Paris | Take Me To The Top Baby

Take me to the the top baby--- top of the Eiffel Tour that is, as the french call it "Tour de Eiffel". We've visiting the sights at night, and how glorious it was, this time it was time to catch a view from above and we were all excited. We made the long ass line … Continue reading Paris | Take Me To The Top Baby

Paris|Every Hour on the Hour

Time to wake up early, instead of heading out, we decided to stay in for a nice breakfast. Fitgi and Ramon picked us up a baguette and some cheese, while I cooked up some eggs and set up the table. I love how bright our flat is, and I loooove when you just sit around … Continue reading Paris|Every Hour on the Hour

Paris | Sad Kind of Beautiful

Well, Hello France! Surprisingly enough finding our apartment  wasn't difficult. Thanks to Estelle, our host, who left instructions on how to arrive. We took the RER-B (the train) to Châtelet-les-Halles, were we jumped on the 11 and got off at Goncourt. The metro was pretty simple, just like the trains of NYC, there are signs and arrows … Continue reading Paris | Sad Kind of Beautiful

Mood Board No.11: The Countdown to Paris

I feel like I've been talking about my trip to Paris a little too much, maybe it's because I'm so excited about it. I've never left the country before (I'm not counting Santo Domingo) and maybe it's just more of a realization that my life long goals of traveling the world is coming true. Yes, … Continue reading Mood Board No.11: The Countdown to Paris