Paris|D-E-A-D, Dead

plural noun: catacombs
  1. an underground cemetery consisting of a subterranean gallery with recesses for tombs

It was time to visit the Catacombs, I was actually pretty stoked for this trip. I have a huge love for cemeteries, and this one was just over the top amazing. When we first left the metro we actually went right past where we were supposed to enter. When we finally found the entrance we were guided down a long spiral staircase that led us underground. Think the city, then the metro, we were waaaaay under the metro train., with over 400 miles of tunnels. The Catacombs is a burial ground for all of the lives that never made it, and with so many deaths the bodies were just overflowing. So many bones are just stacked on top of each other, stacks on stacks on stacks.

I saw many people going through the tunnels and touching everything, the last thing I wanted was to be disrespectful to any lost souls and didn’t want any bad juju, so I kept my hands to myself. I wasn’t necessarily scared, but I was a bit creeped out, once I got to the end of the tunnel and saw the light I was grateful I would never have to spend a night alone there ever.

After our eerie adventures to the crypt, it was time for some grub. We walked in to Fourteen Cafe, which was d-e-a-d. I guess that was the vibe for the day. The lady in charge was sweet, and managed to whip up a huge and gorgeous meal for all of us, all by herself. I ordered the filet mignon with mushrooms and baked potatoes, delicious!

That woman killed it in the kitchen.
The whole time we arrived at Paris, Nikki has been feening for some Éclairs, a dough pastry with a creamy filling. Everyday, that’s all we heard, and today we were on a mission to get them. We rushed our asses off  and happened to get to the store as soon as the guy was locking the door. Luckily for us, he was sweet enough to open up the doors and since Nikki was determined, she ordered about 6 different flavors.

I think my favorite must have been the vanilla bean with walnuts. Mmmm…