Out of My Mind

Things may seem better off, but we all know we all carry our hurt tucked inside, deep into the abyss of the loneliness and the darkness.

The future was held in my hands, now when my eyelids press together my heart sinks alongside with it, This is your day, you deserve to have a life full of happiness.

I want you to have it, I wish nothing but the best in your encounters, and though the hurt is till painful,

the escape of the reality haunts me, scared for what is to come around any or every corner.

The vengeance, I wish would fade, especially since we both know we did the the best we could.

Smile a little, know that I hold you in my heart, know that I wish to remember the good, for you are good, just blurred with evil thoughts.


(i in no way own this music or video… poem above is 100% me)