Dominican Republic. Day 8: Domingo de Domino’s

1 2 3My face is still a  mess, and since I can’t really go out much, spending the day in with family is always great.

Domingo de Domino’s = Sunday of Dominoes

My camera has been collecting dust these last couple of days while I heal, even though I promised myself I would take pictures everyday, no matter what it was. So of course I grabbed a few shots of my family in their natural habitat, lol.

Laughing it up, playing, blasting music and drinking.

This video doesn’t exist

Aaaaaaaaah, isn’t family great!?5The little cutie in red is Edward, he loves oranges as you can tell. That’s my cousin Yoca’s son. And the mean mugger in the trike is Frandy, my cousin Franklin’s son. Both full of different personality.

I can sit in this rocking chair and watch them play all day, they are hilarious and so damn smart!
6This right here is my ”Adam and Eve.”

My grandparent Lilia and Ernesto are the two most sweetest souls I have ever met. They look so beautiful and in love. Tomorrow I most definitely have to go pay a visit to my abuelo’s grave. I never really had the chance to say goodbye when he passed.

He always had a good game of dominoes in the backyard with his fellow mates, and a beer in hand, ready with witty remarks.

I think he would be proud of my grandmother. She’s the glue to it all. Mostly everyone in this house has grown and moved, had kids and have lives to live. But they all manage to be here everyday, spouses, kids, dogs and all.

Our family has gotten bigger and better in time.