Dominican Republic. Day 6, 7 &8: Horrid Pain

Four molars removed at the same time. I sat in that chair with no idea of what I was about to go through.Dr.V said I had stubborn molars. She used so much anestesia on me. I tried not to flinch but I was getting tired.She asked if I wanted to stop and split the process into two. I insisted on her removing all 4 at the same time Might as well get it over with all the same time.

Plus, if you give me time to think about it, I might  not come back. She mentioned with all my tattoos this would be a piece of cake.

It wasn´t.1

About an hour later I was a mouthful minus 4 with a numb mouth. A lot of ice for the swelling and a a lot of prescribed drugs. Antibiotics and inflamatory pills.

On the way home, finally I broke into chills, which is weird because hello, I’m in D.R. it’s freaking hot over here. I begged for a quilt and my Tia (aunt) Olga ended up giving me more pills. I was running a fever.

I knocked out and the next day, my face looked like it was pregnant one side.

Since the doc removed 4, 3 of my molars were already out and grown, the other however, was still somewhere in my gums, chilling. But with all the drilling she did to get it out, the right side of my face is growing bigger by the minute.2

It’s not even pain, it’s the discomfort it’s unbearable.

I feel ugly.

It doesnt help that my hair looks like shit either. Ever since we went to the beach I havent really even bothered to do it. And my natural poof isnt so pretty anymore. I used to have long beautiful curls. Now it’s all damaged from hair dyes and chemicals, not that it’s gonna stop me from changing my hair all the time.

This post went from pain to hair.