Dominican Republic. Day 5: Señora de Altagracia

1 2 3Today was a mini road trip. 3 hours each way. My cousin Edward drove with a beer in hand, while we made our way to Higuey and La Romana.

We were gonna go see one of the most famous churches in Dominican Republic.

 Basílica Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia.
A(local children out of school and walking on the side of broken streets in the heat)

I know I came here when I was 10, but of course I don’t remember much about it’s history.

I know it’s a Roman Catholic church and mu cousin Yenny tells me people from all over the world come to make promises and ask for blessings. Many come crawling on their knees all the way from the main gate to enter the church, others come dressed in all white.

My abuela (grandmother) says, people come ready to came out and sleep on the floor to get a shot at first in line.B(Los Montes = The mountains) C(sugar cane workers)

On the 21st of January

”Este es el primer santuario de América y en él se aglutina el 21 de enero de todos los años millares de dominicanos para rendirle culto a la Virgen de la Altagracia.”

This is the first sanctuary  of America and on the 21st of January many gather and unite , especially thousands of Dominican to surrender worship to the Virgin of Altagracia.

4I loved all the candles. Especially when I caught them flickering.

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5.2My cousin Yenny and I, right in front of the infamous church.

Aren’t touristy shots cheesy?

5 6My cousin Franklin getting down and dirty, making sure his picture taking is perfect!7Let me tell you, these cheeses ( the round white balls in the bag) are absolutely delicious!

I remember when my abuela used to come to visit in NY and I always made sure I was the first one to have these Quesos de Hoja en Blanco ( cheeses of white sheets) they have like this bitter taste that is super addicting. Of course while driving we had to stop and buy a few for the road. We got some crackers to match and some Presidente beers8After visiting the church we decided to stop at a local beach by the name of  Bayahibe. It was mostly empty on the side we decided to settle down in. There were mostly tourists, I’m sure there was a hotel around somewhere.

9What I found interesting was that there was  a cemetery right behind us. Do you see the tombstones behind me? 10 11

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G0020111_1389836790131_low (1) 12Look how beautiful this sunset is, I could’nt resist on taking this shot.13Today was fun, I was exhausted once I got back in the car, I ended up falling asleep. Until next time guys 🙂