Dominican Republic. Day 4: Dentist

There’s not much to say about today. I decided to attempt to fix my mouth. I´m ashamed to say I haven’t gotten to a dentist in forever. I’m always in pain and sometimes I feel like my teeth are shifting. Whenver I would mention it to Q he would just look at me a little weird.

So now that I’m here, my godmother recommended a dentist who has done almost everyones mouth in my family.( that sounded pervy) and she was cheaper than any other dentist in the US. I had no choice but to get my ass to that dentist chair for a consultation.

Apparently, I’m not crazy, my teeth have been shifting. I have molars that are still trying to grow out, yet have no space since I already have a mouth full of teeth. So my teeth shift trying to make more space and they’re just pushed on top of one of other. Yuck.

So I have to get 4 molars removed (Ouch) have to get 2 cavities filled in (ew) and have a root canal that needs to be re done.

So I have a lot of work to do, and as painful as I know that’s gonna be, I know it needs to get done and it will all be worth while.  Dr. V isisted on working right away so I can heal before I take my flight back home, and if I don’t do anything about it now, all my teeth will be on top of each other. And though its not mandatory yet, braces are recomended.

I already picture Q teasing me, calling me names.

Brace Face.

Train Tracks

Metal mouth.

I ended going to get my xray done, which took me longer in the waiting room than the actual consultation (grrrrr…) I was pretty upset, because the lady doctor insisted I remove the piercings from my face. So I’m thinking maybe it would mess up the machine somehow, metal and stuff. So when I complained about my nose ring not being able to be removed since it was adjusted with pliers, I had already taken off my septum ring, and she decides to tell me, don’t worry about ti, its not that serious. Its just so it wont come out in the pic.

-_-  Really?

I  was pretty upset bc while attempting to put my septum back in, one of the little balls at the end decided to fall and now I’m stuck with a ball less ring. Coño.

Anyway, check out my teeth. You can already see the metal in my mouth from 2 previous cavaties and a root canal. I don’t even know how my teeth are so messed up bc I’,m not a sweets person. Oh, and peep my nose ring making an appearance!DSC08681

Ps. I ended up paying $400 pesos for the xray, which is basically like $10 USD. Let me take my ass to NY and they’ll charge me like $300 USD