Crippled Nipples for the Win

A girls night is always needed. You  know the deal, catch up on each other’s life, the juicy gossip, show each other love and with us, bonding over beer. I haven’t seen Kat as often as I’m used to, and I missed her so much. She’s been bragging non stop about a fellow coworker by the name of Kery, while I’ve been spending some time with Ashley. I swear, we’re not cheating on each other! hahaha. We figured, let’s invite the girls, and all get to know each other. It’s hard making girl friends as it is, so we were relieved when we all got along so great.

It was, oh, nice to finally meet you! I’ve heard so much about you!

We also had Trivia as an ice breaker, not to mention all the sliders we ate and beers and shots we took.

Did I mention this was on a Monday?

There were two rounds of Trivia, the first round we won with a total score of 22 our of 30… not bad!

There were questions about Batman, we couldn’t possibly get wrong, who design the “Crack is Wack” wall, of course I knew that one, questions about presidents and their death, Ashley got that one, questions about sports and animals, Kat and Kery took over for that one.. it was all team work, and we all ended up winning Heineken T-shirts!

For the 2nd round, we left Kat all alone while on a cig break. Poor Kat, when we got back her paper was empty, and we were all stressed trying to catch up. Luckily for us we came up with a great team name “Crippled Nipples” hahahhaa and ended up losing 9/30 but won a free lunch thanks to our dope ass name.

Cheers to more girly game nights!

kiss kiss

Video: Mp3 Experiment Eleven

About 2 weeks ago, I joined thousands of participants in Improv’s Everywhere Mp3 Experiment 11 (Read that post HERE). Since we were encouraged to keep our camera devices in our pocket so we can enjoy the adventure to the fullest extent, I was super excited when they finally released this year’s activity video. I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed when I didn’t notice anyone from our party in the clip. I really wanted to catch at least one person. I guess, I can’t expect much since there was so many people at this event. (and yes, I made sure to find the guys with the cameras) Even though, none of us are in the video, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth sharing. Check it out, and maybe I’ll see you guys next year for The Mp3 Experiment 12!

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Created by Charlie Todd & Tyler Walker / Produced by Deverge

Tristan’s Babyshower

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As soon as I got back to New York, the next day I had to wake up super early to start unpacking and to most definitely go shopping for a present. My brother Luis and his girlfriend Julievet were celebrating the “I’m about to bring life into this world” and “I’m drinking it up before all the responsibilities” party.

Check out our new extended family and all the pictures Q and I took, since they didn’t have a photographer. We kept running around everywhere.03 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 19I was dancing my butt off!201The Babyshower games. The women won the first round, whoever chugged their beer out of a baby bottle the fastest won.

The second round the women won again, though I really think the men were cheated out of their victory.2 3 4 5My brother Luis was the perfect host. He had everyone hyped up and laughing.

Plus he looked so spiffy in his suit 🙂6This game was crazy.

The women had to be covered in clothing pins. While the men were blindfolded, they had to remove all of the pins, basically feel us up until there were no pins left.

Q hasn’t seen me for 3 weeks because of my trip to D.R.


I knew we had this game in the bag! 7We won first prize….wooooooot!8 9My baby sister dropping it low for the camera.1011I can’t wait until I get to meet my nephew for the first time.12

Dominican Republic. Day 8: Domingo de Domino’s

1 2 3My face is still a  mess, and since I can’t really go out much, spending the day in with family is always great.

Domingo de Domino’s = Sunday of Dominoes

My camera has been collecting dust these last couple of days while I heal, even though I promised myself I would take pictures everyday, no matter what it was. So of course I grabbed a few shots of my family in their natural habitat, lol.

Laughing it up, playing, blasting music and drinking.

Aaaaaaaaah, isn’t family great!?5The little cutie in red is Edward, he loves oranges as you can tell. That’s my cousin Yoca’s son. And the mean mugger in the trike is Frandy, my cousin Franklin’s son. Both full of different personality.

I can sit in this rocking chair and watch them play all day, they are hilarious and so damn smart!
6This right here is my ”Adam and Eve.”

My grandparent Lilia and Ernesto are the two most sweetest souls I have ever met. They look so beautiful and in love. Tomorrow I most definitely have to go pay a visit to my abuelo’s grave. I never really had the chance to say goodbye when he passed.

He always had a good game of dominoes in the backyard with his fellow mates, and a beer in hand, ready with witty remarks.

I think he would be proud of my grandmother. She’s the glue to it all. Mostly everyone in this house has grown and moved, had kids and have lives to live. But they all manage to be here everyday, spouses, kids, dogs and all.

Our family has gotten bigger and better in time.

Friday the Thirteenth



After work, I trooped it to the Bronx and headed to Tuff City.

I couldn’t pass up on getting my share of the special, $13 tattoos in honor of this superstitious day.

I was all in, and there was nobody better than to go to Ozbe himself.2

Of course there was a flash sheet to choose from and I of course had to customize mine.

I picked one thing from two tats and asked to blend them together.

Lucky for me, they had no problems with it.

I ended up with this tiny little bad boy and I loved it.

That green popped, love neon!

I got a second tiny tat near my inner arm, which I’ll show you guys a pic of later on.3On the walk back, my Mr.Minx and I walked in to Party City and drooled over all the special fx makeup and props.

We didn’t see any costumes we went crazy for, which is really making us think about what we want to be for Halloween.

It’s gotta be something goooood.

I love Halloween and I can’t wait for it to get here already.4

We ended up buying some colorful mustaches and had a fun walk home.

Everyone kept staring at us and laughing.

We even had a couple of kids come up to us, one little girl asked they were real, I responded by saying, yes, I grew it over night!5Ivan looked great in a blue ‘stache that I ended up giving him.

And after getting some pizza Q and I were ready to go home and start our drinking game 🙂6

Check out Q’s baby, Georgie, he’s such a monster!7Our drinking game had us cracking up and yelling at the T.V. screen.

We placed mustaches on the screen and whenever the ‘stache landed right under someone’s nose,

we drank!8

Take a sip boo!9