Galleries: Artistance & Art Star

It's been a little while since I've done anything fun, or at least considered a bit of fun...who am I kidding, I  enjoy myself all the time. What should be saying is it's been a while since I've attended an art show or any gallery for that matter. Something I've always loved to do. Not … Continue reading Galleries: Artistance & Art Star

Video: Avi’s Beauty Salon

I told you I'll be back, and this time with a video. In  my previous post (see that HERE) I shared with you guys a commissioned mural that I was painting for a beauty salon. Check out the footage below and see me (and Chris helping) in action. Ps. Check out that sexy burger I … Continue reading Video: Avi’s Beauty Salon

New Art: Avi’s Beauty Salon

I haven't used spray cans in forever. I have so much practicing to do.I guess we're all our own worsts critics. I arrived on Sunday, the earliest day the salon closes. Since the ladies in the shop were still attending to heads, Chris and I decided to do what we do best.... Burgers and Beers. … Continue reading New Art: Avi’s Beauty Salon

Jason “DG One” Wulf Memorial, In Honor of His Life

I'll admit, I personally didn't know "DG". I have seen his work many times, and from one artist to another, I always tend to support the arts. Unfortunately with his recent passing, and many broken hearts this memorial/ art show came to be. Not only was the place packed, you could tell how great the … Continue reading Jason “DG One” Wulf Memorial, In Honor of His Life

Animal Crackas at Left Field Bar

It's been quite a while since I've been to an art show, May to be exact (see that post HERE).  It may not seem that far to you guys, but when your favorite past time involves networking with fellow artist friends, 4 months seems like a long time. I usually end up meeting with long … Continue reading Animal Crackas at Left Field Bar

Art All Over Brooklyn, So Why Not Me?

♥ First Stop:featuring works from Where do I even begin? Today was a mess, a good mess. A nice, ended up tipsy at the end of it all, laughing mess.  I was all over Brooklyn. I got out of work, as I usually do. (Ugh, I'm such an adult) I met up with long time … Continue reading Art All Over Brooklyn, So Why Not Me?

Walking Through the City

Walking through the City after the pop up shop with Q, I picked him up from work and wanted to surprise with a little bar time. After some good burgers, pizza and weird beer around St. Mark's place we had some  "us" time and decided to take a stroll around the city. Sometimes one of … Continue reading Walking Through the City