Vlog: Art Off The Clock Presents Art Auction & Chill at Harlem Nights

When you have a bunch of talented people in the same room, magic is bound to happen. Well, first, you have to have a chat full of talented people making plans, decisions and working their asses to make it all come together.
Art Off The Clock was born, and we couldn’t be prouder. We all planned an art auction that was held at the quirky Harlem Nights Bar. Just seeing the place from the outside makes you curious as to what’s going on indoors, and once you walked in, there was no disappointment.
A room full of painters, designers, photographers, and a pyrographer, all excited to share their art. Dj J Fuse, set the vibe up beautifully and our host Joe Hill had everyone cracking up.
This is only the beginning to all we plan on doing, and we can’t wait to share all the fun with you. Check out a re-cap of our first event above and follow us on instagram for upcoming events…. (we actually have one up coming soon, and it’s gonna be sooo good.)
See you guys soon!

You’re Invited: An All Alpha Female Experience Exhibit

Hello my lovelies.

Remember when I said I will be showcasing my work at an all women art installation? No!?
Well, ok, I’m telling you now.
You are all formally invited to present your beautiful souls at The All Alpha Female Experience. I will be presenting new pieces alongside other talented women. And what better way to celebrate women’s month, than by supporting women!

The gallery is located at 1009 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11221, and  is closest to the M, J & Z lines on the Myrtle, Broadway stop. The show will start at 8pm and run until 1 in the morning. So no excuses!
There’s a small $10 fee at entry, which is suffice for the free wine and appetizers you’ll be able to gulp down.

I can’t wait to meet you all.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit the Facebook page for the event or contact me below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.


The Evolution at The Bronx Museum

Boy, it has been a long time since I’ve picked up a brush. Let alone paint on a body. Something that I’m pretty known for. An old friend from highs school, Ruben, hit me up, saying he recommended me to a friend who was throwing together a showcase and was looking for a body painter. I said ” well, yes I’m interested, of course!” Even though secretly I know I’m rusty as hell.

I spoke to the curator, Nestor, who was such a sweetheart by the way, and confirmed all the details. It was a last minute thing, and my main focus was getting a model. Thank goodness my ride r die model Tina was down. Saving my ass, since my first model had to cancel.  Tina was already asking me what she should wear,  and was more than ready. I owed her a huge hug once I saw her.
Nestor had created a showcase that never left you bored. His theme, was showing how the hard work of barbers is also an art form. And how you do  make the public realize this? By exhibiting them at at work and mixing in art of course.

As soon as  I arrived, the place was packed, drinks were being served, appetizers were being offered, many different vendors were set up around the room, live art and a battle between 4 women barbers was going down on stage.  The crowd was cheering and everyone had an opinion on who the winner was.

Bumping into Marthalica, was such a pleasant surprise, I haven’t seen her sine the last Artist Process, she’s so damn talented.  I think I would always love her work, especially the details when painting hands. Something I’m horrid at. I was greeted by Nestor in open arms, he was looking spiffy and re-assured me that I would go on stage after the male barbers battled it out on stage. Since  I was a last minute add on to the show, I was basically going to be the ending surprise of the show. Sweet!

I spotted Ruben, and gave a hug that probably made up for the last 7 or so years that I hadn’t seen his face. Though we weren’t always close, he was always  magnetizing to be around. A huge smile on his face and a light care free spirit that seemed to be contagious.
It was my call to go on stage, I was given the mic, and quickly after I traded it for a paintbrush. Tina was ready, I started removing the pasties while  I painted her nips. No need to give the audience more than they’re already seeing. One of the guys that was getting a haircut on stage kept looking up, even though the barber kept pushing his head down. What are you supposed to do when you have a half naked woman slightly dancing in front of you? You’re going to look!

I had my trusty photographer for the night, thanks boo, who kept going back and forth every time I picked up a new color,making sure he grabbed plenty of shots of me painting. he did pretty damn well for someone who doesn’t know his way around a camera.
There was a live performance, dancers who just absolutely looked graceful. I need to pick up some damn dance classes after that teaser.

One of my surprised of the night was my parents showing up. if i’m not mistaken, this is the first they have attended, maybe not a show, but most certainly the first time they get to witness me painting someone nude live. Hey, they seemed pretty chill about it. The Barber factory’s event; The Evolution was a huge success. I’m so grateful for  having the chance to be involved in a movement that’s so mind- altering. I never stopped to think  how art could evolve into something more personal, like hair. Especially for men. As women, we’re used to the  different cuts , colors , hair is a reflection of our personalities. Now I can say men have the same opportunity us ladies have.

There were so many wonderful artist in attendance, and they all  killed it!

I wish you guys  all the best, may your hands and talent be forever blessed.Go on and click on a few links to get better acquainted with some of the astonishing skills of the night.

The Barber Factory:

Instagram – @TheBarberFactory

Facebook – The Barber Factory

Phone:(347) 326-5555
Marthalicia Matarrita : 
Instagram- @Marhalicia
Ruben Blades :
Instagram – @RubenBlades

Music Was The Case: Success Sunday Showcase

It was a last minute invite from Chris’s steppop’s Frankie, tonight we were headed to a showcase. I was camera ready like always and had no idea what was expected of this night. Music Was The Case was absolutely wonderful. It brought together all different kind of artists, poets, singers, comedians, steppers, rappers. It was a collaboration of talent.

Lil Mama was also in the house, and she was busting some moves on the dance floor.

The first act were the steppers, and it just reminded me when I used to step in Junior Highschool, I loved performing. It’s been so long. I recognized one of the comedians but couldn’t place his face until he finally stepped on stage, and then it was an instant “ooooooh!”. He killed it, especially since I could relate to all the cracks about Dominicans.

All the acts were great and I’m giving you the chance to catch a glance at the night. Check out the video below.

And be sure to follow @success_sundays on instagram.

Save The Date: September 5th

Save the date

Open Invitation: Sullivan Room Art Show ft Me, Minx, TKL & MHS

OPEN INVITATION, Bring a friend and show some support. I will be showcasing my new artwork!

Disclaimer: Say “Minx” at the door to get in for free!