Christmas 2017

This Christmas was all about the kiddies. Last year my niece Harlie was only 2 weeks old, My sister Julissa had a belly, and not to mention it was a pretty sad holiday due to two family losses. Though are hearts are still heavy we couldn’t sulk in sorrow. Christmas has an unwritten rule, pajamas all day!
Now that our family is expanding and the kids are a little bigger it’s time to start new traditions. As an adult the holidays tend to be pretty lame, so now that I had live humans to spoil, I’m going to go broke doing it.
Harlie is still learning how to walk, and my nephew Amaury is in his teething stages, and time seems to go by fast and slow all at the same time. My dad made a surprise appearance as Santa Clause to surprise his grand kids. They seemed more confused than anything, hahaha.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by loved ones.
Many blessings to you all!


Minx’s Mission: Feed The Homeless

Hello my lovely people, 

    As we all know Thanksgiving is only a week and change away. I know we’re all getting ready to spend time with family, get a little fat and soak in the good times. We’re all blessed, and sometimes we fail to notice those wonderful things and people around us.
   This year, help me raise some hope so many unfortunate New Yorkers can have the chance to have a lovely meal. Any bit is appreciated, any sacrifice is valuable. Instead of getting your daily coffee before work, maybe you can give that bit, so someone else may have a dish in front of them 2 Thursday’s from now. 
   My goal is only $500, and I hope you guys can open up your hearts and wallet to help someone else in need. Also, if you want to help a little more, why don’t you sign up to volunteer as well, there’s where you’ll find me!

Thanks again in advance, and I hope you do your best to just a little kinder today!

love, m

Let’s help the homeless and hungry in NYC!

Did you know? Nearly 60,000 New Yorkers will sleep in homeless shelters tonight—that’s the most since the Great Depression! And about 80% are families.

Average New Yorkers are also struggling. Food costs have increased 59% since 2000, but median earnings have increased only 17%.

But together, we can help one person at a time find hope through #MyBowery campaign!

Can you bring lunch from home today? $8 provides a bag of essential groceries for a family in need. How about skipping your latte this morning? Your $5 donation provides 3 meals.

At The Bowery Mission, we can provide meals and so much more. Shelter, showers and clothing, medical care, and groceries—compassionate care to restore hope and change hearts. Join me in showing God’s love to hurting men, women and children.

About The Bowery Mission

Since 1879 The Bowery Mission has met the short-term, emergency needs of New Yorkers caught in the cycles of poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of many kinds. Because we know that a simple act of kindness can be the first step toward a transformed life, we try to meet each need of those who come to The Bowery Mission’s red doors with practical expressions of God’s love—no questions asked, free of charge.

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Everytime Chris mentions that Manny and his wife Vanessa have invited us over, I always put on a grin on my face. I joke around with many because his steaks are to die for!

This labor weekend was no different. A potluck dinner, and Chris and I came prepared with patellilos and beer. Whenever we come over it’s always the same people, you can tell everyone has been friends for years, which in due time came up in conversation, 31 years Manny has been friends with his homeboy, and now their kids will grow up together having the same future. Now that is adorable. The women were inside  most of the time with the babies, and as great as they are, I like to run away and hang out with the boys.

The conversations are more ridiculous and the beer comes non-stop.

Manny was grilling on his rooftop, the kids played soccer, I sipped on some Heineikens and tried Arguadiente for the first time. It’s a Colombian drink which happens to very sweet, it sneaks up on you in no time.

I was excited when the food was ready, oh man…it never fails. Everything was absolutely delicious!

So tell me guys, how was your Labor Day weekend?

And A Very Merry Christmas to You Too

Before I get started, I want to wish you all a very happy holiday, no matter what you may celebrate and/or believe in. We all deserve to be surrounded by great vibes and positivity, and I hope each and everyone of you get to find that.I packed a bag with me, after rushing out of my house in the morning, running late after a long night out. Work never seemed to end, but once 2pm hit, I was out of there like speedracer. Chris was picking me up and our plans for later, were just that..much later. I just wanted to take a huge nap. I was exhausted. Once I laid down, I realized I couldn’t even do that, since I packed random crap into my bookbag, I realized with my white skirt, I needed to go outside and buy a nude thong. The silly things girls have to go through, I swear. You guessed it, I got no nap.
The weather wasn’t on our side today, even though it was nice and warm, the rain and my hair have never been much of friends. I’m just glad it didn’t get all poofy, and I end up looking like a brillo pad. That was the last thing I needed, especially since our plans for the night were to head to Chris’s aunt, Annette’s house. I know I was going to see familiar faces, and was happy to see them. When we arrived, there was smiles everywhere. Everyone was so eager to see each other, especially since the four sisters (Annette, Chris’s Mom, Millie and 2 other sisters) were all going to be together after so many years. Watching them catch up and laugh with each other was the sweetest thing.Chris cooked a pernil which was to die for! Annette had everything from baked ziti, mac and cheese, rice, potato salad, shrimp, omg… I’m drooling all over again.

There was even arts and crafts for the kiddies. Which Matt and I happily joined in on. Big kids.

It didn’t take long for us to grow up and grab some drinks. I was in more of a wine mood, but that didn’t stop me from having about 4 shots of Rumplemints. Ahhh… Sammy (Chris’s uncle) is no joke.

There was a lot of dancing, everyone was feeling the buzz. Whenever we go out there we usually end up passed out on the couch. This night was no exception.

In the morning, we all had a pretty good breakfast with all the leftovers. Who needs coffee, when Sammy is offering more beer to you as soon as you wake up. Day 2, drinking aaaaaall day.

Samara was ready to open presents. Absolutely everything she got was “Frozen” themed. I on the other hand, knew this was going to happen… so I opted out for a puffer vest and matching pants that I found to be way too adorable.

Well, I hope you guys had a wonderful time with your friends, family, loved ones. I know I did.

See you guys soon! , Minx

Ps. Check out the “Mini Me” I illustrated of my outfit.

New Artwork: Happy Halloween from Me to You

Happy Halloween

Hi guys, as promised here’s some “finally” new artwork!

And better yet, it’s for you guys!

I want to wish you all a Happy and safe Halloween.

This piece was done straight from my phone while on the busy commutes to work.

It took me a little while just because of that, my train ride is only an hour long and between drawing, music and playing candy crush…ha! ( yes, I’m addict)

I finally finished and can’t wait to see what you all think.

Have a good one guys!

Ps. If you want to own this as a print, and without the watermark, please email me at with the Subject: Halloween