New Artwork: Pop

Dating is like  bubble gum, at first it tastes better than anything you could have ever imagined, and then it starts losing it's flavor. The newest piece to the bunch. Fun fact, I had a pink leather jacket just like that when I was about 14 years old. Kinda wish I could find that now... … Continue reading New Artwork: Pop

New Artwork: Aubrey & Andrew

   Some people sleep on plane rides, I work. This commission piece was illustrated in honor of @ashkau_'s fiance and precious little daughter. I had so much fun blending in dinosaur prints per her request. Even though I'm on vacation, that doesn't  mean I wasn't working all night trying to get some work done. Thanks … Continue reading New Artwork: Aubrey & Andrew

New Artwork: Wildflower

It was one of those without much to do, oh dear, I sound like the intro to the Fresh Prince of Belair. Whenever I catch myself bored of out of my mind I usually pic up a paintbrush, since that wasn't much of an option for me since I was babysitting I picked up the … Continue reading New Artwork: Wildflower