Photo Journal: ASAP ROCKY

    If you were to see my calendar, you would either be really impressed or you would be horrified of how packed and color coded it is. I wasn't always like this, I used to  be so "go with the flow". Now I make lists (I'm always running out of paper, and yes I … Continue reading Photo Journal: ASAP ROCKY

Photography: Sabrina Claudio

Before we were all kicked out of Randall's Island on Friday due to "severe weather conditions' that never happened. Don't remind me on how upset I was.... Sabrina Claudio was performing. I was so in love with my camera and the way I caught her sultry look. Her voice is something else, and I absolutely … Continue reading Photography: Sabrina Claudio

Soulfrito 2017

Just because you're sitting far, it doesn't mean you can't get decent shots. The Soulfrito Music Festival at Barclay's Center was jam packed with amazing artists like French Montana, Fetty Wap, Farruko, Young M.A., Bad Bunny, Cardi B, G- Unit, Ivy Queen and many many more. I was trying to hard to find a balance … Continue reading Soulfrito 2017

La Mega Mezcla Concert 2017

A concert on a Tuesday. I never make plans on weekdays, but when the Mega Mezcla is happening, I knew I had to be there. I invited my sister-in-law, Taimane, as an early birthday present, we had a blast. Alex Sensation is my favorite DJ, and alongside his mixing skills there were top reggeaton artists … Continue reading La Mega Mezcla Concert 2017