Illustration: Working On My Fitness

  It seems like most of my feed on my instagram is all about fitness at the moment. A lot of his to do with the fact that I went a following spree ever since I started to work out. Yes, you read that right. It's been a long month, but I'm so happy I … Continue reading Illustration: Working On My Fitness

New Body Art: Twerk Tomboy Twerk

I've been waiting a little while for these batches of body art to come back to me. David Zayas Jr. is always great when it comes to editing and obviously capturing the beauty in all the girls we work with. This time we worked with model Annie, and when I saw her Timbs and baggy … Continue reading New Body Art: Twerk Tomboy Twerk

New Body Art: Phuckyocurlz

  New Body Art: Phuckyocurlz @Phuckyocurlz came through and was a pleasure to work with. I fell in love with her curls through instagram and knew that I wanted to make something a bit playful. She already had some colorful striped socks and white frilly undies... So instead of putting her in some heels, like I … Continue reading New Body Art: Phuckyocurlz


♦ ♦NEW BODYART: Baby♦ Here's a new shoot that I did with the lovely Baby . I decided to Zombie her up a bit with red eyes, sagging dark circles and a few stitches on her face.I ended up having to get Baby a little drunk so I can loosen her up to take some pics....  … Continue reading NEW BODY ART: Baby

55 Live!

( click on any image to make larger ) As you all know I had gig this Thursday the 16th. I had posted a flyer earlier in the month inviting you all to come and watch me paint my live! .............................. Maury from 55 was hosting a Deep In The Heights event that's held in … Continue reading 55 Live!