Body Art at Escape NYC

What a night filled with great vibes. many thank you’s to EscapeNYC for allowing me to participate in an event filled with such talent. I body painted live and had such a nice crowd around me. A special thank you to my models and my photographer.

New Body Art: Twerk Tomboy Twerk

2minxinxfunfaced22minxinxI’ve been waiting a little while for these batches of body art to come back to me. David Zayas Jr. is always great when it comes to editing and obviously capturing the beauty in all the girls we work with. This time we worked with model Annie, and when I saw her Timbs and baggy jeans, I already knew this was gonna be a tomboy shoot.

I’ll admit, I wish you can see the artwork more, but practice makes perfect. I do however regret not covering her nipples the way I would usually cover up the models, which is with, you guessed it…paint!

I hope you guys like this set, I’ll be back soon with more sets from different shoots, you know I have to spoil you guys!

kiss kiss

Photographer: David Zayas Jr.   |   Model: Annie

Body Artist: 2Minxinx

Body Art: Halloween

2minxinxThe gruesome festivities are among us, and  I couldn’t be more excited!

Here’s a little flashback from an earlier body art session (see here) I did with photographer David Zayas Jr. and model Dose of my Soul, that was never released and horrified a bit.

I can’t wait to see all of your costumes, what are you dressing up as?kiss kiss

New Body Art: Hey Tanya!

UntitledFor our, and when I mean our, I mean David Zayas Jr. and I’s open call, we had about 6 girls lined up to get painted. We are in desperate, zoned out, focused and ready to continue building our portfolios. This time on our team we had makeup artist Rachel, ready to let us use her and her services for the day.

I threw on my comfy painting clothes and got ready to work. Tanya was our first victim. eager and excited. In our email we mentioned to bring props, so while rumaging through her bag, that fur spoke to me.

Check out the pics David amazingly shot and edited. You’ll be seeing a new body art session, every day this week, so keep coming back. I promise you, it’ll be worth it. smokefreefurlookwinocigtimeCredits (go make some new friends):

Photographer & Editing: David Zayas Jr.
Body Painting Artist: Myself, Minx
Makeup Artist: Rachel
Model: Tanya
** If you would like to participate please click here for further instructions**